Top 10 Series That Should Have Ended After Season 1, You Know I’m Right

We will not talk about Dexter or Lost, because one lasted more than a season before collapsing miserably and because the other is the best series of all time, no, here we will talk about the series who had a hard time exceed their 1st season, those which lasted about ten episodes before failing, the series of forcers, those which did not transform the test.


The perfect example, and for once 90% of people agree. Heroes should have stuck with its season 1 and died out quietly. But no, the dudes have painstakingly stretched out the heartbreaking stories of a bunch of cardboard sub-X-Men for 3 very long years. The nightmare.

2. Prison Break

When you say that Prison Break should have ended after one season, most people answer you “t’es duuuur the 2 was really cooool”, but they are blinded by nostalgia. It’s true that this season 2 was not disgusting, but mainly because we didn’t want to separate so quickly from the characters we had become attached to, and it was already a harbinger of the cataclysm of the 2 seasons to come. And if you weren’t totally disgusted, the guys announced a 5th one, to be sure to spread the poop everywhere.

Top 10 series that should have ended after season 1, you know i'm right
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3. American Horror Story

“Yessssssssssssssssss, demons, aliens, serial killers, frankensteinian monsters, angels of death and evil spirits. AHS: Asylum wanted to do too much. ^The next one was worse, I grant you.

4. Misfits

It had everything, the freshness, the originality, and this perfect mix of Skins and Heroes surprised everyone before slowly dying out, episode after episode. Suffering from the “Prison Break” symptom which recast his characters in zonzon after 2 seasons, Misftits gave everyone TIG a story of not straining too much. Shame.

5. Californication

I’m not going to hide it from you, I was a bit of a Californication groupie, and I lasted almost 4 seasons because Duchovny, because the cigarettes and the whiskey, because the pretty girls, because the sun. If the first season was really excellent, we must recognize that with Hank and Karen as a couple in S02, we got a little bored. The 3 was a little better but the magic wasn’t there anymore.

6. The Killing

Instead of solving a good case in one season and closing up shop, guys feel like they have to stretch to excess and it doesn’t work. It’s annoying, especially since it rains all the time in their stupid series. You will tell me that it has nothing to do with it, but it works all the same, I assure you. I admit that I haven’t tested the new case of season 3, which I will hasten to do, but I would be curious to have your opinion, the topitos.

7. Suits

After discovering this new universe, these pretty well-dressed people and these lawyer intrigues which are always a pleasure to see, it must be recognized that the series is running out of steam and that the only interest is the pretty well-dressed people dressed (and Meghan Markle). It’s not enough to last a season, not enough at all.

8. True Detective

After the punch that was the first season of True Detective, we expected a different season 2 of course, but much better than what we were served. Certainly it was not totally disgusting but unfortunately it does not reach the level of the first season. Good and season 3 was not phew either huh.

9. Money Heist

You know it, I know it, we all know it. If the first season (in two parts) had been thought of as such, it was for a good reason. Continuing to stretch the story without logic to capitalize on success is frankly a shame, so much so that you have been given plenty of reasons to stop watching Casa de Papel.

10. Squid Game

To say that this series was an event is a mild understatement, it is the biggest hit in the history of netflix to date and even before seeing season 2 we can say that we are already afraid. The first was enough on its own, an open ending yes, but it doesn’t really need a sequel. It’s just that it worked, suddenly we want to ride the wave, too bad.

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