Top 10 series that make people look better, there’s a little abuse

Historical series and other biopics are hot. Even if they regularly contain a few errors, like one or two anachronisms that would make historians cry, it’s still one of the best ways to get people interested in History (even the most recent). Only, they often fall into a big mistake by casting actors and actresses that are far too BG compared to the characters they are supposed to embody. If we were bad language, it would seem that the producers do this to attract a wider audience…

2. Marie Stuart is a cannon in Reign

On her official portraits, the queen had a face to make the flowers wither, while Adelaide Kane has a face to make us leave our jobs to follow her to the end of the world in order to live the dolce vita.

3. Amadillo Carillo Fuentes de Narcos is still much hotter in the series

The real drug lord had a completely lambda face while José María Yazpik is hotter than frying oil. On a thermometer from 1 to 100, one is 3 and the other is 512.

4. The Jeffrey Dahmer from the Netflix series is a little too sexy compared to the original

Honestly, there is a slightly unhealthy side to seeing spectators fantasize about the version of the serial killer played by Evan Peters. We’re still talking about a guy who smashed skulls with a drill. It’s not very attractive.

5. The Marie Antoinette from Deborah Davis’s series doesn’t look like the real thing at all

Far be it from us to denigrate the real Marie-Antoinette, who probably had an inner charm of her own, but according to the representations we have of her, she did not have the angel face at all. actress Emilia Schule. Sorry for her.

Oh by the way, if you want to know more about the lady, here are received ideas about Marie-Antoinette.

Top 10 series that make people look better theres a

6. In American Crime Story, Donatella Versace is embellished as Penelope Cruz

And again, we will be nice enough not to compare the current Donatella Versace disfigured by surgery with Penelope. The comparison would be humiliating for her and her surgeon.

7. Tahar Rahim is a little too handsome for the Snake

The real Charles Sobhraj, swindler and incidentally serial killer, didn’t particularly look like a photo model, while Tahar Rahim could ken absolutely anything on this planet if he wanted to (furniture included). Even with this wig.

8. Sergeant Wayne Jenkins from We Own This City is more BG as Jon Bernthal

The corrupt cop was lucky to be portrayed by someone whose shoulders look as reassuring as a cozy (and muscular) bed. We would love to sleep on Jon Bernthal at night to stop having nightmares.

9. In The Tudors, Natalie Dormer makes Anne Boleyn a little too seductive.

According to historians, Anne Boleyn was charming even if she was not very beautiful. With Natalie Dormer, we can say (with a little drool on the corner of the lip) that she is just way too beautiful. And then like Anne Boleyn took these kind of poses? We don’t think so.

10. In Versailles, George Blagden is a little better than the real Louis XIV

In any case, we would be quite surprised that this good old Sun King had such silky hair. If only we could run our hands through George Blagden’s…

HOT HERE. We immediately move to a cold country to calm down.