Top 10 series that have been canceled and we do not understand why

Since there are about sixty new series released a day, there are bound to be some that fall by the wayside, for lack of audience, means, loss of adaptation rights or even because the team has completely forgotten to get up to go shoot the following season and that we decided to stop. We are therefore going to talk today about these series which have passed ad patres (that means to die) and which we will never see again. Think of this top as a kind of memorial to the small screen.

1. Firefly

The cancellation that has probably caused the most ink to flow on internet forums, except that it’s not really ink on the internet, should update this expression. Internal tensions, a production that did not get along at all with director Joss Whedon and hop, Fox decided to cancel the series after one season when a gigantic fanbase had been created around it.

2. Deadwood

It was one of the best HBO series at the time, with three successful seasons, rave reviews and a perfect cast. However, the channel wanted its creator David Milch to start working on another project: John from Cincinnati. Despite his disagreement, the series was canceled, the fans went to demonstrate in front of the chain’s building and a few years later a film was released to “conclude” it all.

3. Hannibal

Why was the series canceled? Because of the ratings, yet a series with Mads Mikkelsen was just the best thing in the world, but you have to believe that there are people who prefer to watch Casa de Papel. Another series canceled by Netflix.

4. The OA

It’s time for a split to arrive in this top: either you liked it or you hated it The OA. Personally, I had a better time during my six months of coccyx rehabilitation than watching the two seasons of this series, but that’s my opinion. In any case there were not enough spectators and hop, canceled the series of people who dance to fight against armed people.

5. Santa Clarita Diet

Obviously the cancellation of this series hurt a lot of people and the reason is as follows: Netflix has a particular production system called “cost-plus” and which makes each season cost more than the previous one and that this system is only viable if the spectators also increase over the seasons. There it was not the case suddenly they canceled the thing to fuck millions in Stranger Things.

6. Funny

“It’s validated in the middle of the stand-up”, this is what we could hear as a description of the series when it was released. And frankly, even if the series was canceled we can say that the first season is almost self-sufficient, so you can still watch it, it does not end on a horrible cliffhanger.

7. Mixed

Another French series which was unfairly released when it was promising, it took place in a boarding school for boys at the time when we started to make mixed establishments. That’s all I can tell you since I’ve never watched, but to make up for it I’m giving you my secret technique for winning at Mille Bornes: you have to go through a thousand terminals before the others.


It’s starting to go up a bit as a series, but when the first season was released, no one understood why we had canceled it, it was so well done, catchy, the starting pitch was cool and that there was enough to make the thing last a long time. But no, not enough spectators in front of heroes and Lost.

9. Rome

Kind of a big budget peplum series which consisted of showing people fomenting plans and having sex (a peplum what), Rome was canceled after two pretty good seasons. A bit long at times and, it must be said, a bit boring, but it was not bad compared to Julie Lescaut for example.

10. Taboo

We have been promised a season 2 for five years but we know it, there will only be one for sure, they will never release it. Too bad, it was cool and above all there was Tom Hardy, the man who makes half the underpants on earth wet just by talking.

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