Top 10 series that go a little too far in the clichés, we no longer believe it

If you like watching Desperate Housewives or Riverdale the absurd series, it’s because you don’t care about clichés in the series. We accept without flinching when the series is shitty because that’s what makes its charm, but some ridiculous shots completely take us out of the story. A little consistency please, we’re not asking for much.

1. The high school kids who bully Eleven in Stranger Things

A lot of us have fun-filled memories of bullying in middle school or high school, but in Stranger Things, that’s another level. We could have asked the actors who play the bad guys bullies to sneer and sneak around, but no, they had to be completely surreal. And go ahead, let it howl with laughter out loud while pointing at Eleven, it tramples on its business and it makes fun of its dead dad without even hiding. Let’s not overdo it guys.

2. Teenagers supposed to be “poor” in Gossip Girl

The whole story of gossip girl, is to show the difference between the rich kids of the Upper East Side and the “normal” kids who go to the school of the rich thanks to a scholarship (but who still live in a huge loft in the middle of Brooklyn ). Obviously, the scriptwriters like to push this “we’re not from the same world” aspect to the extreme and you therefore hear characters say that they’ve never eaten sushi even though it costs 10 bucks or that they have never heard of Dior. But of course.

3. The people who really don’t want to leave their creepy house in The Haunting of Hill House

In all the horror stories with haunted houses, the characters experience super creepy things but still refuse to go live anywhere else. Even though The Haunting of Hill House is a very good series, one thinks that they could have left the house before the mother killed a kid; there were still warning signs.

4. Characters who get married, buy a house and have a kid before they graduate in The Brothers Scott

Nothing makes sense in The Scott brothers and we get used to it pretty quickly. I’m willing to accept that disasters follow one another, that people kill each other and kidnap each other, but that 16-year-olds buy a villa? No, it’s too much.

5. Ted who always bumps into people he knows (while living in New York) in How I Met Your Mother

When you live in a city like New York, you can’t run into a different ex every four mornings and act like it’s normal. In How I Met Your Mother, it never shocks Ted to meet people he knows in completely unlikely places. All this without meeting the mother of his children when he meets her 30 times.

6. Characters who move 30 centimeters away to have a “private” conversation in The Big Bang Theory

This is surely the most clichéd and improbable thing about this top: in The Big Bang Theory, it doesn’t shock the characters to say “Can I talk to you?” “, to move away from three steps and to spit on the face of their buddies right next door. THEY ARE IN THE SAME ROOM! Of course they can hear you, that doesn’t make sense!

Top 10 series that go a little too far in the clichés, we no longer believe it

7. The doctor who understands everything thanks to a conversation that has nothing to do with Dr House

In detective series as in medical series, there is always a character who has sudden revelations. In Doctor House, House searches for hours for what makes his patient sick and it is by talking about something completely different with his friend that he will suddenly understand everything. So he says something like “but of course” and leaves in a hurry without explaining anything. Classic.

8. The guy in a wheelchair who gains great wisdom in Game of Thrones

At the beginning of Game Of Thrones, Bran is an intrepid little boy who spends his days exploring around him. Under the pretext that he finds himself in a wheelchair, the kid changes his personality and suddenly becomes a great sage who speaks in riddles. The most annoying Crow in the world.

9. The rebellious and violent guy who hides his homosexuality in Sex Education

Sex Education likes clichés a lot and the most ridiculous is surely the walking cliché of Adam Groff. We’re talking about a guy who steals people’s lunches and is violent with everyone, but we understand that in fact, it’s just a facade to hide his homosexuality. Logic.

10. The little genius of the family and the father more immature than his kids in all the family sitcoms

These are clichés that we find in almost all family sitcoms like Malcolm, Modern Family, My Family First and even The Simpsons : One of the children is a little genius, another is stupid, the father is even more immature than his children and the mother is considered the pain in the ass. It’s always the same, it’s cliché to death but we look anyway.

Top 10 series that go a little too far in the clichés, we no longer believe it

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