Top 10 series pitches that sound like a joke

The principle of a pitch is to be concise and catchy. Except that sometimes, if you were pitched a series just like that, you would surely think that we were making fun of you. Always be wary of appearances.


“The devil gets bored in Hell so he comes to Earth, he’s the boss of a nightclub in Los Angeles, and he goes to see a shrink, and he ends up helping the police solve cases”

at the arrival : guilty pleasure for some, the series was abandoned by Fox but revived by Netflix.


“An alcoholic hitman and an imaginary unicorn must save a young girl kidnapped by a crazed Santa before thwarting a plot involving the Easter Bunny, the Mafia, a demon, unidentified creatures and a children’s TV host”

at the arrival : huge organized mess sprinkled with trash humor but canceled after two seasons, despite a hard core of fans who made a petition.

3. The Sopranos

“After Finding Ducks That Had Nested In His Swimming Pool Fly Away, A Mafia Boss Has Anxiety Attacks And Is Forced To See A Shrink”

at the arrival : everyone admitted that we were in the presence of a masterpiece, the creator David Chase is considered a genius and the main performer, the late James Gandolfini, received praise from all over the world.

And if not that it is a sketch of Saturday Night Live where he took again his character the time of a false JT. RIP the legend.

4. Wilfred

“A depressed lawyer has to take care of his neighbor’s dog, except that for him it’s not a dog. It’s downright a man dressed as a dog who talks and smokes weed, and the ex-lawyer is (almost) the only one who understands it, so they become best friends and try to help each other in their personal lives. and in love »

at the arrival : it’s perched but it still lasted no less than four seasons.

5. Breaking Bad

“A chemistry teacher with cancer is in trouble since there is no Social Security in the USA, so he starts making methamphetamine with one of his former students until he eliminates a cartel boss and become one of America’s biggest drug kingpins.”

at the arrival : one of the most popular series of recent years, a lot of awards and two spin-offs (Better Call Saul and El Camino).

6. American Vandal

“Two students document their investigation in order to clear Dylan, accused of having drawn dicks on a dozen cars parked in the high school (season 1) before documenting another investigation in order to clear Kevin, high school student accused of poisoning canteen drinks with laxative (season 2) »

at the arrival : a rather successful parody of police documentaries that miraculously manages to spare serious moments.


“Jim Profit, a sociopath who grew up in a box, raised only by television and living on leftover meals thrown to him, kills his father, sleeps regularly with his stepmother and gradually climbs the corporate ladder. a multinational with blackmail and other illegal tricks. »

at the arrival : the broadcasters were horrified and canceled everything after 8 episodes, it was still far too early (1996) to succeed in making such a puff as a main character popular, both for the spectators and for the network. Profit has since been considered one of the precursors of modern series anti-heroes.

8. Jean-Claude Van Johnson

“Do you see Jean-Claude Van Damme? Well in fact he was never an actor, in real life he was a spy and his shoots were just covers for his various missions all over the world. And now he is back in service to find a girl.

at the arrival : not mad-crazy despite the big dose of self-mockery, we stay on a one-shot of 6 episodes.

9. Dexter

“a Miami police forensic expert is actually a serial killer who has the knack of killing other serial killers, roughly one per episode”

at the arrival : despite a rather special bias (ok there are plenty of serial killers in the USA, well if we add up all the cases present in the series, it’s hot, especially for Florida), on the other hand a lot of people hated it the end or even the overall evolution of the show.

10. Futureman

“A janitor finishes the last level of his favorite video game, which triggers visitors from the future, because the game was basically a combat simulator to find the best guy to fight the enemy that threatens the human race. Eh ? Yeah, it’s exactly the same as in Starfighter, in fact they say it at one point”.

at the arrival : production Seth Rogen and meta humor, the bigger the better. Already 3 seasons to their credit.

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