Top 10 serial killers with the highest IQ, criminal geniuses

The serial killer exerts a fascination on us that borders on the unhealthy. The proof, we write this top and you read it. So this is proof that it tickles your curiosity. Because often, it would seem that the most “great” serial killers (not “great” at heart, eh, but great in their murderous enterprise, so to speak) were also often endowed with a very high intelligence quotient. Which, all in all, makes it possible once again to question the real added value of this pseudo-criterion of intelligence.

1. Michael Ross, 122 IQ: The smartest moron of all serial killers

Clearly compared to the rest of the serial killers who make up this list, the guy does not make the weight intellectually. On the other hand, compared to you or me, he is rather well positioned. Except we didn’t rape and kill eight girls. Well personally, I don’t. Sacred p’tit boils in any case!

2. Ted Bundy reportedly had an IQ of 124 (or 140 according to other sources)

In short, basically the guy was not totally drunk and that didn’t stop him from killing and raping 30 little zoulettes, in particular schoolgirls. He even had the good taste to do some dirty sexual things with their remains, which perfectly illustrates the guy’s level of integrity.

3. Joel Rifkin: 128 IQ with penis hair

Assassin of prostitutes and drug addicts, the guy had nabbed a good vein for not grilling (it is that the murders of prostitutes and drug addicts, we have a famous tendency to put a little more time to solve them). This must surely be the conclusive sign of his infinite intelligence.

4. John Christie: 128 Oyster IQ

British Murderer was not only a passion for tea, but also for murder. This is how he killed 8 women (it’s crazy this obsession with serial killers for women when you think about it) and took a long time before being arrested because he had the right like to hide them in the foundations of his house. But even after that, John Christie managed to have other people accused in his place and was thus able to continue his morbid little business for some time before he was finally locked up and hanged.

5. Edmund Kemper stands out with an IQ of 140

For those who recently enjoyed David Fincher’s series mindhunter, you will have the opportunity to find the character of Ed Kemper magnificently interpreted by Cameron Britton. In short, this essential serial killer in the history of the States would have had a crazy IQ of more than 140. He has been in jail since 1973, which makes him the prisoner incarcerated for the longest time in the United States and which was therefore the first object of study by the FBI as evidenced by the series. Ah yes, he incidentally stumbled upon his mother and fucked her decapitated trunk. The guy weighs in the game.

6. Andrew Cunanan: 147 hair in the zezette

In the category of serial killers, we are rather on a base of small players since Andrew quite simply killed 5 people. Soft guy. He was remembered above all because one of his victims was the designer Versace. In fact, we don’t really know what took him to bump into everyone like that, one hypothesis suggests that he was probably suffering from AIDS, which made him ultra paranoid and would have made him burst a small hose before going commit suicide. However, the psychologists noted that he seemed highly intelligent since he spoke 7 languages ​​fluently (a difficult knowledge to acquire when one is totally devoid of intelligence).

7. Carroll Cole: 152 hair at the knots

Serial killer executed by lethal injection in 1985 for having murdered 16 people (but well in reality he had been accused of having killed 30 so basically he got away with it, if we had proven the 30 murders he would have been even more dead than dead). Well, he was still diagnosed as a little genius despite being a dunce at school. Fascinating isn’t it?

8. Rodney Alcala, life at 160 IQ

It is estimated that he killed between 50 and 130 people. That’s a lot when you think about it. And to think that we spend a whole life like that, not even killing a single person, and during this time there are little geniuses like Rodney who work what. Still alive (but in zon-zon that goes without saying) the charming serial killer has been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder. No kidding.

Top 10 serial killers with the highest iq, criminal geniuses
Photo credits (Public Domain): San Quentin State Prison, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

9. Charlene Gallego lining them all up with an IQ of 160

She and her lover Gerald, a couple at the Love Hunters of Ben Young, liked to nab young women in order to make them sexual slaves, to sequester them as it should be before killing them when they had no more taste for life. In short, the couple ended up being arrested. Except that little Charlene managed her blow well by accusing her lover, her testimony allowed her to reduce her sentence to only 17 years in jail. She obviously had it in her head.

10. Ted Kaczynski: ET BIM 167 in your face

The basic guy has several hats. Terrorist, but also ecological activist, mathematician, but also neo-Luddite (movement opposed to all technological progress). This guy carried out a series of attacks and was the subject of one of the longest manhunts in the United States. 17 years before we grilled his identity, had to do it. He communicated by encrypted messages and with his supreme intelligence, it took us a little time to pick up (it was a little more developed than Javanese).

Anyway, all that to say that if your child has a higher IQ, that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t end up a serial killer. YAY.

Source: Eskify, Ranker

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