Top 10 secrets of people who work at the casino, here the money please

Hello. In order to avoid any possible confusion, I would like to point out that this top has no connection with the Casino chain of stores. Well, maybe some of you are now disappointed, but know that the subject of the day is even more interesting since it deals with casinos, these places where people come to play their money. Casinos are super mysterious, not only because most of us never set foot in them, but also because huge sums of money are brewing there. In addition, we do not really know their rules and we always hear lots of urban legends about them. So, I carefully read a reddit thread where casino employees revealed the secrets of these strange places, and I’ll give you everything I learned right away.

1. Typically, casinos don’t have windows or clocks

The purpose of this little trick is obviously to make customers lose their time markers. If they realize they’ve been there too long and the sun has already risen outside, they’ll quickly get their things done and head home. Whereas by making them lose all sense of time, they can stay longer and put more money into the different casino games.

2. Clients are monitored ALL THE TIME

In the largest casinos, there may be tens of thousands of cameras in the room to monitor the slightest actions of customers. The goal is to ensure everyone’s safety, but also to catch cheaters, thieves and other card counters in games like blackjack. At the casino, we don’t like cheaters, but then not at all.

3. We prefer to give you bigger chips so you can spend faster

For example, if you buy 100 euros worth of chips, you will more easily be given chips of 10 or 20 euros each, and it is up to you to ask if you want smaller chips. Basically, if you want to spend smaller amounts, it’s up to you to make an effort to ask the staff. And not everyone wants to make this effort, so it’s all good for the establishment.

4. In Vegas, some people wear diapers to gamble longer

In the casino, there are some people who behave a bit like zombies in front of the slot machines and who, eaten up by their gambling addiction, can sit for hours and hours in front of their screen. And, among this category of customers, some would sometimes wear adult diapers to avoid having to leave their machine for even five minutes. It’s frightening. But a priori it happens more in Vegas or in other large cities specializing in casinos.

5. The colors used in casinos have meaning

Most casinos use the same colors on their machines and decors, and the one that stands out most often is the color red. However, the color red, according to psychologists, is a color that excites the human brain and leads to making less thoughtful decisions. Exactly what is expected of casino customers, therefore. It’s pure and simple psychological manipulation.

6. Sounds are also designed to make playing longer

In the casino, the machines make noise all the time, sounds, little music, and all that is designed by sound designers on purpose to make the human brain addicted. In addition to that, when one of the customers wins the jackpot, his machine produces a lot of noise and light to attract the attention of other customers and make them want to win the jackpot too. So they play again and again hoping to be next.

7. The dealers tend to be on the side of the players

One would expect that croupiers hope at all costs that the house that hires them wins the maximum amount of money and therefore that the players at their table often lose, but no. In fact, when a customer makes money, he’s more likely to tip them, so they’re pretty happy when that happens. Anyway, they don’t worry too much about their employer: they know that a casino always earns a lot of money no matter what.

8. Some casinos also use smells to keep customers

The practice would be used less and less, but there are still casinos that diffuse pleasant smells in their rooms. The goal would be to induce a feeling of nostalgia among players so that they associate the casino with a pleasant memory and want to return there each time they smell this smell. It’s genius. Diabolical genius, but genius nonetheless.

9. Customers are treated like VIPs

At the casino, a player will always be welcomed with style and his every wish (well, maybe not all but not far) will be satisfied with a smile by the staff. If the casinos do that, it’s not because they’re super nice no, but it’s quite simply so that customers feel comfortable and have the impression of having a great time when most of them are just having their money siphoned off. That way they stay longer and come back more often.

10. The casino always wins

Well, you already knew that, but it’s always good to remember: if you set foot in a casino, you’re MUCH more likely to leave with empty pockets than full ones. At the limit if you want to test once and enter one of the most beautiful casinos in France, simply go there with a ticket but do not take your credit card with you, otherwise it will go wrong.

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