Top 10 secrets of people who work at McDo, you will never look at your Big Mac the same again

McDonald’s employees aren’t just people behind a counter saying, “HELLO, do you want a best-of menu or a maxi? Fries and Coke? They are at the heart of the action. They know all the secrets, the smallest gossip. Nothing escapes their eyes. And it is thanks to them that we can offer this top. So thank you, thank you McDonald’s employees, you are really beautiful people.

1. Asking for fries without salt allows you to have them all hot and almost fresh

We say almost because everyone knows that McDonald’s fries are frozen. But we sometimes have the unpleasant surprise of having them all softened because they have been out of the fryer for quite some time. The fries are all salted together, so to get some without salt, you will have to open a new package and fry them on the spot. Be careful though, it is very very boring for those who work there.

2. Filet-O-Fish makes you want to kill

All burgers are line-made. All but one. The abominable net-o-fish. It is very little ordered, and that’s normal, a fish burger is a bit weird. So when someone asks for one, it should be made especially for them. Message for you filet-o-fish eaters, McDonald’s employees hate you.

3. They have a quota of points to eat McDonald’s

Basically when you arrive to work at McDonald’s, you are told “hey honey, you have XX food points to spend” and all the menus/sandwiches don’t cost the same number of points. Well otherwise what’s cool is that you can discreetly ask the cooks to make you special sandwiches just for you (like with 4 steaks and double dose of cheese).

4. You can find out on the timer when your sandwich is dated

Basically the little number that flashes (or not) above where the waiters take the sandwiches is used to know how long your Big Mac has been patiently waiting for you. Basically if the number on the metal plate in front of your sandwich is lower than the one displayed above the bin, you have the right to refuse it because it is no longer too fresh.

5. McDonald’s steak will never be rare

During cooking, everything is done so that the center of the steak is at 69°C, the temperature that kills all bacteria. So I might as well tell you right away that it doesn’t really leave the possibility of having a rare steak.

6. Drive In is served first

No matter how many people are waiting at the checkout, cars will always come first.

7. No one spits in burgers

However it is not the desire which misses, but nobody does it. McDonald’s is speed work, so employees don’t have time. They’re sorry because they would have loved to share their saliva with yours, but that’s just an urban legend.

8. Overall, a kind little smile is always nice

Those who come to McDo sometimes tend to forget it, but those they face are also human beings. So add to that that they are in a hurry all the time to sort out all the orders, be nice and don’t take too long to choose a menu. Because we assure you that sometimes clients trigger murderous urges. Besides, if you’re nice, you’ll get a free sauce.

9. Servers often get burned

Handling the deep fryer, cooking the steaks and all that goes with it takes a lot of practice. And a finger slips so easily over the corner of a fryer. Working at McDo hurts. Like love. Except that love gives wings.

10. McDonald’s adapts to countries

If you go to McDo in the United States, you risk being frankly disappointed. Because it’s clearly worse than here. As France is rather picky when it comes to food, they made an effort. Moreover, if our sign is yellow on a green background and not yellow and red, it is because it has adapted. That’s also why they got rid of the clown, and that’s not a bad thing, because the Ronald McDonald was a bit of an appetite suppressant.

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