Top 10 secrets of nightclub bouncers, you don’t fit in

We sometimes wonder how bouncers make their selection at the entrance to nightclubs, while we wait patiently in line. We suspect that the physical plays, but we never know 100%. Why do these two girls fail when these three guys come home? Is the bouncer racist? Big John, a bouncer famous in Paris for working at the Baron, a select box, has released a book in which he reveals certain rules or realities of the profession. Thanks to his confessions, among other things, we know more about the secrets of the bouncers.

Disclaimer : you have every right to think that the following lines are full of clich├ęs, horrors, even ethnic or social discrimination. We only transmit selection criteria, but that does not mean that we endorse them of course.

1. They refuse an ordinary girl more easily than an ugly guy.

Even if mentalities are changing, guys in clubs often offer drinks to the girls they want to seduce. Suddenly, the bouncers let through the girls they consider pretty and fail those they consider less pretty. For the guys, on the other hand, it’s less of a problem, since a good guy will always pay for drinks. ATTENTION, I’m not saying that’s the reality, but that’s what is applied among bouncers in a good part of the upscale nightclubs, as Big John tells it.

2. A nightclub is rarely a place of tolerance

Big John explains it in his book: the really rich don’t like to mix. Whether white, black, Arab, Asian or otherwise. The bouncers therefore often make sure not to let in a crowd that is too mixed, even if it means adjusting profiles only on their ethnic origin. It sucks, yes.

3. YouTubers and reality TV stars do not necessarily have their access to select boxes

These two categories of the population, which have little to do with each other, often reflect an image of glitter. As if being one could give access to many stylish things. But no, it’s just a fantasy. In reality, select places prefer to turn them away because they don’t want to see their image deteriorated by those of reality TV, which is low-end, and YouTube, which is too young.

4. Bouncers often take racial slurs

When they belong to a minority, they are victims of the same discrimination that they are accused of implementing in their work. The insults about their origins, they know by heart. Especially since alcohol rarely reveals the prettiest facet of customers.

5. Professional footballers are not welcome everywhere

Even if they are very rich, they often attract drug dealers and prostitutes, and the managers of nightclubs have no desire to bring this public to their establishment, for fear that it will end up going down the drain. It must still be weird to explain to a super famous pro footballer that he is not welcome.

6. Neither do rugby players

The guys have a reputation for drinking and fighting a lot. If the first part is good for the turnover, the second fears a max. Especially since if there is a fight between rugby players, the bouncer won’t be able to do much to stop them, since the guys are all at least as imposing as him.

7. Some people offer them benefits in kind

When it’s not just big bucks. Why are people ready to do anything to get into a club? That, on the other hand, is more mysterious.

8. Each box has its image and its rules. What counts, in the end, is turnover and reputation

Each box has its own criteria and discriminations. It all depends on the will of the managers and the expectations of the customers who can come and spend a lot of money in their establishment. Like any private business, a nightclub seeks above all to make money and sees customers as the ingredients of a recipe.

9. With a bouncer, it’s like with a referee, once the decision is made, there’s no point in arguing anymore

We’re not saying it never happened that a guy finally managed to change a bouncer’s mind, but in 99% of cases, it’s no use insisting. If the bouncer said no, it’s because he made his choice, with criteria that you will find more or less justified, but he made his choice. Might as well try your luck elsewhere.

10. They still have moods from time to time

Yes, it happens. Do not forget that they follow orders and that their selection does not necessarily reflect their tastes. So they can say no to people they could have accepted in other circumstances. It’s part of the job.

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