Top 10 secrets about the plumber’s job, to know everything about joints

Do you know what it is the roof for a plumber? Nope ? Well, I’ll tell you… But not right away. I’ll tell you once the plumbers tell you their biggest secrets. Yes, it’s a totally putaclic introduction, fully assumed. With pride, even. Keske you gonna do, actually?

1. There are very simple ways to reduce the bill

Yes, if you have a leak or any plumbing problem, you need professional help. On the other hand, once the problem has been fixed, you can put everything back in place, clean, or even repaint yourself. Try it, you will see that the cost of the intervention will be much lower.

2. You can change your washing machine hose yourself

In addition to being ultra simple, it only takes a few minutes. We save time and money. However, if we consider that time is money, then… That means that we save “time + money” = we save “money + money” = we gain great wealth? I’ve always been a math whiz.

Top 10 secrets about the plumber's job, to know everything about joints

3. … Ditto for changing the flush

Plus, the parts don’t cost that much. You will find the first prices at around twenty euros. Ugly, yes, but not expensive.

Top 10 secrets about the plumber's job, to know everything about joints
Picture credits: Romain D Moostik

4. If you can, avoid calling a plumber on a Monday

As this day is the busiest for these professionals, the price of the intervention could be slightly more expensive than the other days of the week.

5. Issue assessment is free

Your plumber will then give you an estimate, and after a little syncope, it will be up to you to validate it, or not.

6. …By the way, do not hesitate to compare several quotes before getting your hands on the portfolio

My rat mind is tempted to advise you to choose the cheapest. In reality, choose the best value for money while making sure that the person opposite is at least competent. Better to pay a slightly higher price once, than 12 times a smaller sum. Rat word.

Top 10 secrets about the plumber's job, to know everything about joints

7. Avoid pouring oil or grease down the sink

For the simple and good reason that the latter do not dissolve in water, remain in the pipes, and form large absolutely disgusting crusts, which, as you probably suspect, come to clog and damage your pipes. The best thing is to put all these dirty liquids in a container, then throw them in the trash. Tiresome. Nobody does that, but I’ll give you the tips, if ever.

8. … We also avoid boiling water in plastic pipes

Boiling water can soften and even melt the plastic tubing. You are most likely indignantly banging your keyboard frantically screaming in pain to ask me THE taxable question: “Does that mean we can’t make pasta anymore?” “. Calm down. Everything is fine. There is a solution. You just need to run cold water during your draining to temper everything. Come on, stop crying. It’s finish.

Top 10 secrets about the plumber's job, to know everything about joints

9. Avoid using products that are too chemical or corrosive to unclog your sink

And prefer baking soda and white vinegar. Pour the two elements, leave for 10 minutes then rinse with very hot water (boiling, if your piping is not plastic). And abracadabraaaa: it works perfectly well. Finito pipo chemicals bad for the planet that costs an arm and a half.

10. The plumber’s line is inimitable

So hide that ass that I can’t see.

Here we are, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Drum roll…. TATATATAAAAAAA…. The worst thing for a plumber is to flee. Lol. Good joke, that.

Sources: homify, Sympa-sympa

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