Top 10 script nonsense in cult movies

Writing a story is not easy. That’s why we make a few arrangements in the scenarios to make life less complicated (or just because no one thought about it). Unsurprisingly, cult films are no exception to the rule. We looked at ten convincing examples.

1. That jerk Gandalf who could have put Frodo on an eagle early on to destroy the ring

The Lord of the Rings is clearly one of the films that should have ended earlier. So of course if the story had been summarized in 15 pages, Tolkien’s saga would certainly not have met with the same success, on the other hand we would all have saved a lot of time with a 5 minute film rather than 9 hours.

Top 10 script nonsense in cult movies

2. The Matrix storyline makes no sense

We had already raised all the questions we have about Matrix and which remain unanswered. Among this slew of existential questions we can talk about the whole structure of Zion that a small human community would have built without any technological means in a century. Frankly, it’s bullshit.

To this we can also add that the character of Cypher, the ultimate traitor, manages to connect to the matrix to scheme with Agent Smith. However, it seems unlikely that Cypher will squat a seat and stick a cable in his head without anyone picking up anything.

Top 10 script nonsense in cult movies

3. When does General Munro find himself frozen in the fridge and come back to life in the 5th Element?

Well OK, it’s not as if Luc Besson needed to write a believable screenplay. But there all the same it comes under the big questions that we ask ourselves about the Fifth Element.

Top 10 script nonsense in cult movies

4. Where do the ants block the gun dog from in Ant-Man?

Among the illogical things that happen in the Avengers films, we can indeed note this dark story of ants. Basically, we are at the end of the film, the hero is held at gunpoint by Darren Cross. He has no chance of getting out of it, but HERE’S A LOT of ants come to make the bad guy miserable and insert themselves into the dog, thus blocking the weapon.

Only here, connoisseurs will recognize the weapon: a Glock. Consider a weapon which precisely does not have a hammer.

Top 10 script nonsense in cult movies

5. Terminator is bullshit to tire larigot

Let’s keep it simple: in May 84 Sarah Connor and Kyle go crac-crac. From this sexual relationship emanates a baby nine months later: John, born on February 28, 85. However, several elements allow us to situate the action of Terminator 2 more or less in 94. So logically John (Edward Furlong) should have 9 years. However, he is not 9 years old at all. He’s like 15 years old. We know each other very well in age.

Top 10 script nonsense in cult movies

6. A small lack of explanation in the Crystal Trap

John McTiernan revealed a major inconsistency in the film a few decades later because of a dark cut-scene story. Remember the moment when Gruber pretends to be a hostage, McLane captures the confusion while no clue, NOTHING puts him on this track. In reality there is an explanation in a scene except that this one skipped.

Top 10 script nonsense in cult movies

7. Why are they all smoking big sticks in Waterworld when they’re out of paper?

Or else they smoke them in what their fags if it’s not paper huh? WILL YOU EXPLAIN ME?

Top 10 script nonsense in cult movies

8. In Mom I missed the plane, Kevin has the presence of mind to call the police to explain that he is alone at home and that burglars are there, and everyone bumps into it

I don’t mind that the cops are really jerks but a priori they had all the information in hand to move their ass. And that’s another of the questions we ask ourselves in front of Mom, I missed the plane.

Top 10 script nonsense in cult movies

9. In Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear thinks he’s not a toy but freezes as soon as a human enters the room.

Doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonc, that means he knows he’s a toy then. We do not take for hams.

Top 10 script nonsense in cult movies

10. Why don’t people in Ghostbusters 2 still believe in ghosts when a giant marshmallow Bibendum wandered around New York in the first game?

Obviously people have zero memory.

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