Top 10 scientific studies on your life expectancy

Scientists love to ask how we live longer and why we die younger. Great. We have already been offered two tests of first necessity: “are you dead? and “what are you going to die of?”. However, these studies should also put you on the track of longevity.

1. Thinking we’re healthy makes us live longer

According to British researchers (who in the field of studies are really very serious people), thinking that one is in good health would be performative. Basically we think we are healthy so we are healthy. Afterwards sometimes people think they are healthy but in fact they have ball cancer. Life is a sad jungle that you have to fight to survive longer. (Source)

2. Pessimists live shorter

Believe it or not, but this time it was Nuremberg researchers, little known for their sense of humor, but known for this study who showed that pessimistic people lived shorter than optimistic people, which corroborates the previous study, and if you’re not completely stupid you already understood it. (Source)

3. Women live longer

Maybe because of the rules, or their DNA, or just because men are dumber and have stupid accidents like slipping on a puddle with a banana peel in it.

4. People who read live longer

The study does not specify whether it works for reading the ingredients listed on the cereal box.

5. Country people live shorter than city dwellers

After the question is to know if we really live longer in the city what… POUAAAAAAAAH big country valve on people who live in cities MDR hyper fine and subtle my humor right?

6. People who arrive late live longer.

Imagine that it was Harvard researchers who came to this crazy conclusion. In fact, it is assumed that people who are late are quite optimistic and if you have read this far correctly, optimistic people are survivors of life.

7. If you can’t last 10 seconds on one leg, you’re twice as likely to die within a decade.

Big pressure on people who don’t have balance in your place, I’d freak out. In fact, it seems that loss of balance occurs with age. So if you’re not completely sure you’re old, you can stand on one leg and if you’re struggling, well, that means you’re old and your end is near. Go for short books or one-season series because you probably won’t be able to go all the way.

8. Smart people live longer.

Quite logical after all, since super-intelligent people make a lot less bad choices than not-at-all-intelligent people. Example: you are facing a pool full of white sharks and alligators, if you are really stupid you say to yourself “Hey, if I went to bathe in it while hanging roast chickens around my waist” ; if you’re just dumb you say to yourself “MDR too funny this guy who wants to swim in the pool, I’m going to film this idiot” ; if you’re more of the smart type you say to yourself “there is no reason for a member of the family Lamnidae otherwise called Carcharodon carcharias to live alongside Alligatoridae”.(Source)

9. Rich people live an average of 13 years longer than poor people

Normal, when you are rich you can afford plenty of Doliprane and as we know Doliprane cures against all the ills of humanity.

10. Eating properly would extend your life expectancy by 10 years

Say goodbye to prime rib, guys.