Top 10 Scientific Studies of the Last of the Siblings (Best)

“According to a study…”, these words typical of newspaper front pages often precede crucial information that everyone absolutely wants to know. Today, we are going to talk about the youngest of the family, these beings favored by life to whom everything seems to succeed. Several studies have shown that the place of a child in his siblings plays a determining role in his personality as an adult. If you’re the youngest (not the first name lol), you’ll surely recognize yourself in this top. Don’t lie, science says so.

1. He’s the funniest of the family

According to a British study, 46% of the “little youngest” consider themselves to be the funniest of their siblings (survey conducted on 1,782 English adults). In truth, it’s just because they pity us, we force ourselves to laugh…

Top 10 scientific studies of the last of the siblings (best)

2. He is super chill

According to the figures, 47% of the youngest in the family consider themselves easygoing and 42% as relaxed. Easy to say when no one ever makes you clear the table and you can go to parties at 14.

3. He is completely irresponsible

Less than 30% of the youngest (still not the first name) consider themselves responsible. At the same time, it makes sense. The responsibilities have always been entrusted to the elders of the family and the youngest is content to be pampered and to put his feet under the table. No wonder that once they leave the house, they feed on frozen pizzas and Pasta Box.

Top 10 scientific studies of the last of the siblings (best)

4. He is a real adventurer

The place of leader being already taken by their elder(s), the youngest must find their place in the family. This is why they are often more intrepid, they want to experiment with new things to find their way and are not afraid to take risks.

5. It’s the least organized

Contrary to the eldest who are 54% to consider themselves as organized, the youngest of the siblings is the most disorderly. Always considered the baby of the house, the other members of the family often get into the habit of doing everything for the youngest without asking their opinion. On the day when he has to fend for himself, it is sometimes difficult for him to organize himself.

Top 10 scientific studies of the last of the siblings (best)

6. Creation is his domain

A US study shows that while older people generally have higher IQs than their siblings, younger people tend to be the most creative in the family. They are therefore more attracted to artistic professions such as design, architecture or writing. If you don’t believe science, you can always take an IQ test. Afterwards, we find in this same study the ranking of the astro signs that are most likely to have a 6-figure salary, so good…

7. He seeks attention from others

The youngest is often pampered, but it is also the one to whom we have devoted the least time. He never had the attention of his parents for him alone unlike the eldest and there are no photos of him before he was 6 years old. Personally, I want to say cheh.

8. Very sociable, he makes new friends more easily

According to a study from Berkeley, California, the youngest of siblings are generally very sociable. As they have to find a place for themselves in their family, they develop a certain ability to “control situations and manipulate the people around them”. That’s not to say they use this ability badly, they easily endear themselves to their peers and are generally sincere friends.

9. He is provocative, sometimes even a troublemaker

In Denmark, a study affirms that the second son of a family is much more likely to end up in jail as soon as he comes of age. The youngest siblings are often defined as troublemakers (troublemakers, rebels), they like chaos and disorder to attract attention. They are often the most provocative children, the rebels, unbearable children in short, because the parents have set them fewer limits and rules.

10. As an adult, he wakes up his children on Sunday morning because “the weather is nice outside, you have to enjoy it!”

According to a study conducted by a Topito editor who wishes to remain anonymous, the last of the siblings are the most likely to become super boring parents when they had a sweet childhood like cherry candy. The little ones are therefore creatures of the devil and that’s it.

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