Top 10 scenes from movies and series that we were very embarrassed to watch with our parents

Watching a movie with your parents is a great way to pass the time while spending time with them without feeling like it. You get the concept what. But the problem is that in films, there is often ass. It’s normal, it’s to bait the barge. We want fuck. Great, thank you directors but it would be nice to show you two minutes in our place.

1. When Rose and Jack have sex in the car and there’s a lot of fog.

Admittedly, we don’t see much apart from an ocean of extraordinary perspiration and fog on the windows of the car parked in the liner, but when we discover this scene at the age of eight, we discover the premises of discomfort. with family. Without counting the great waters of chialade at the end which will not fail to arouse the first judgments of contempt of our parents towards ourselves.

Tip to get out of this discomfort: a cynical commentary that everyone is going to die in the end anyway.

2. The piano scene in Pretty Woman

Already we don’t really understand why Julia Roberts was hired by Richard Gere, it seems all of a sudden that he is taking advantage of the situation and making lots of poutous poutous to the lady.

Tip to get out of this discomfort: ask for piano lessons.

3. The aerial fuck part in Watchmen between Malin Akerman and Patrick Wilson

These two superheroes who only manage to desire each other in their latex outfits to forget that they’ve become a bit of a loser, it’s both pathetic and super exciting. The problem is that we are in a classic superhero movie and we do not expect to experience the slightest sex scene. There you go, the damage is done. Here we go for 10 years of psychoanalysis.

Tip to get out of this discomfort: say that comics were never your thing.

4. Sound sex between Joaquin Pheonix and a robot voice in Her

This scene is particularly embarrassing because it is just sound and the screen is black. So technically your screen ends up reflecting the people watching the movie. So for the topo you watch a sex scene with Scarlett Johanson screaming at the top of her voice and you see your abnormally focused face and your mother’s face on the screen with a disturbing look. Only one solution: flee.

Tip to get out of this discomfort: go to the kitchen and make yourself some herbal tea.

5. Pretty much the entire American Pie saga

I think we all understand what I’m talking about. No need to cite a scene in particular: all the scenes that deal directly or indirectly with sexuality (first time in bed, masturbation, etc.) are super embarrassing. Especially since the main characters are teenagers, and we generally discovered this teenage film and therefore potentially with our parents… who afterwards asked us questions about our sexuality as if they had just seen an animal documentary on our life. Thank you Weitz brothers.

Tip to get out of this discomfort: check the baking of your pie in the oven.

6. When Jaime and Cersei fuck next to their dead child in Game of Thrones

Here again we could cite a bunch of scenes in the series that are super embarrassing to watch with your family. Quite simply because not only does it fuck all the way, but in addition it fucks all the way within the family itself, so inevitably we project ourselves what. We wonder if we wouldn’t have been forced to do the same in the face of the threat of the White Walkers…

Tip to get out of this discomfort: offer peanuts.

7. The sexual fight scene in Golden Eye between James Bond and Onatopp kills a guy in bed by smothering him between his thighs

Onatopp first kills a guy by suffocating him between his thighs which does not leave anyone indifferent (weird mixture of sexual excitement and fear of the female sex), so in the scene with Bond it quickly turns into a mid-confrontation. violent half-sexual half-fig half-grape. Well of course when you look at the scene today there is enough to explode with laughter, it’s good there, don’t judge.

Tip to get out of this discomfort: express your desire to resume sports lessons.

8. When Marnie gets her ass eaten in Girls

Rimming not bitten by beetles which opens the fourth season of the series. So of course we are in Girls, we know that there are going to be scenes of masturbation, sometimes even fucking a little weird. But here we must admit that we were taken aback.

Tip to get out of this discomfort: sneaking off to the bathroom to poop.

9. The scene where Jim Carrey comes naked from the ass of a rhino-robot screaming in Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura was cult in the 90s. If you take the risk of reviewing the two opuses, you may find it a little twisted or even very borderline. Apart from the racist, sexist and transphobic character of certain scenes, we also have a good dose of intergenerational unease like this mythical scene of anal childbirth in the savannah.

Tip to get out of this discomfort: Suggest a trip to the zoo.

10. Brokeback Mountain when they go camping and are super happy


Tip to get out of this discomfort: a totally lame homophobic joke that will provoke a moralizing discourse from your parents on tolerance for the acceptance of others when in fact you’re not at all homophobic you’re even bisexual but you didn’t think to talk about it with them and then it’s this stupid movie that put you in a shitty situation where you find yourself saying things you hadn’t planned to say.

Come on, you too tell us about your worst moments of cinematic embarrassment with your parents, when the sexual tension becomes palpable. And if not, to extricate yourself from this social situation, we advise you to follow the recommendations of the Sociologist.

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