Top 10 scary haunted places in Belgium, to make Manneken-Pis in your panties

Oh Belgium! Its cinema, its comics, its comics, its Jean-Claude Van Damme and its gastronomy which goes straight to the hips and into the love handles… But Belgium is also about ghost stories. Haunted places that are wickedly freaking out, with sometimes creepy, sometimes mysterious stories. Places conducive to thrills and ghost hunts. Spirit are you there once?

1. Fort de la Chartreuse (Liège)

It was in 1823 that this impressive fort came into operation, which was supposed to protect the city. Since then, it served as a prison during the First World War and the Americans turned it into a military hospital during the Second. Now, nobody uses it anymore and it’s just very creepy… If you plan to go there, watch out for traffic jams… (sorry).

2. Beersel Castle (Beersel)

A good big 14th century castle which stands out as one of the most flamboyant representatives of the medieval period in Belgium. A place haunted by ghosts which, according to legend, would appear in times of great political unrest to announce upheavals.

3. Charbonnage number 10 du Gouffre (Châtelet)

A site now deserted, which has known several lives. Operated from 1916 to 1969, this coal mine was then converted into a zoo, from 1979 to 1982, then became a car dismantling site. On the spot remain the vestiges of all these periods and the night it is rather frightening. The day too after all.

4. The Joseph Lemaire sanatorium (Tombeek)

Already a little scary at first, a sanatorium becomes downright dreadful when it’s decommissioned. For several years at the center of various rehabilitation projects, that of Tombeek is for the moment especially “famous” in the community of ghost hunting enthusiasts. Former boarders would haunt the corridors and rooms and would show themselves to those who would take the trouble to make a short stay there.

5. The former veterinary school of Anderlecht (Anderlecht)

Completely abandoned since the relocation of classes to Liège, this school is all creepy. At one time, you could even find animal limbs preserved in formaldehyde.

6. The Waterschei mine (Genk)

Closed in 1987, this mine remains sadly famous for the firedamp explosion that occurred there in 1929. An accident that claimed 24 lives and injured 851.

7. The feudal castle of La Roche-en-Ardenne (La Roche-en-Ardenne)

The ghost of a countess who would have made a pact with the Devil haunts this castle. Just go to the official site of the monument to realize that the current owners, who organize visits and other activities, play to the fullest on this legend. The place is no less impressive.

8. The Sonian Forest (Brussels)

Several witnesses reported strange events that occurred in this forest located near the Belgian capital. A fog would sometimes invade the place, announcing nothing good. A mist in which float two menacing eyes, belonging, if we trust their size and their distance from the ground, to a gigantic creature. A phenomenon that goes hand in hand with equally frightening appearances.

9. Noisy Castle (Celles)

Also known as Miranda Castle, this intimidatingly beautiful neo-Gothic building has been condemned to destruction several times but is still there today. The last demolition permit was canceled in June 2017. Be careful, because the place is considered very dangerous. Not necessarily because ghosts could paralyze you but rather because the brothel could collapse at any moment. So we keep our distance.

10. Bruges Beguinage (Bruges)

Many ghost stories circulate about this mysterious and necessarily quite secret place. The best known relates the thwarted romance of a monk and a nun. A nun that can be seen on certain nights, like the specter of the monk, who also haunts the place…Otherwise, nothing to do with ghosts, but this beguinage is registered with UNESCO.

Maybe we won’t linger, huh?

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