Top 10 Scariest Clips In Music History, Mini Horror Movies

Some musical artists outdo themselves a little when it comes to putting their songs into images, this has given for example great animation clips or downright interesting short films but today we are going to talk about a very specific example : the most creepy or disturbing music videos in history. We obviously risk forgetting some of them, do not hesitate to add them in the comments.

1. Michael Jackson – Thriller

Okay, the clip isn’t that scary, okay it’s aged a bit, but when you have John Landis directing right after he’s laid the Werewolf of London we get almost a quarter of an hour of epic video. I am therefore obliged to put it in the first place, for the symbol.

2. Aphex Twin – Come to daddy

Attention it’s weird, in this clip of Aphex Twin we see a group of kids who all have the deformed and disturbing face of the singer smash everything that moves and go to do some Clockwork Orange in the streets before a weird demon comes out of a TV. It’s not completely understandable, but it works.

3. Dir en gray – Dark

Ok, honestly don’t force yourself to watch it, it’s way too weird. Between the half-naked chicks having sex with weird image distortions, the strange passages of a circus scene (it looks like a circus scene), the singer’s face that seems to disintegrate and dozens and dozens of nightmare images that follow one another is far too much.

4. MGMT – Kids

If you find that we sometimes go a bit far with kids in movies, you might as well say that this clip probably traumatized the child who plays it. We see him mourn his race as everything around him is made up of creepy faces, demons with filthy hands trying to grab him and other pretty bad stuff. In truth, I hope they found a way to preserve it during filming.

5. The Cure – Lullaby

It’s taken on the weight of the years a bit, but it’s still creepy nonetheless: we see Robert Smith in his bed surrounded by cobwebs and constantly watched over by very weird characters, accompanied by an orchestra of people who make me personally want to eat my stress fingers.

6. Soundgarden – Black hole sun

The great strength of this clip is to manage to install an uncomfortable atmosphere despite the hyper saturated colors worthy of an episode of the Teletubbies and the rather sketchy landscapes of everyday life. But the plans are deformed, the actors make crates of them by making strange pouts and finally the thing becomes quite quickly disturbing.

7. Aphex Twin – Rubber Johnny

Again Aphex Twin in a particularly disturbing clip made of “found footage”, these falsely found images as in the film Blair Witch. You see some kind of weird aliens, stroboscopic effects that sting the eyes and at one point I swore I was seeing my own death.

8. Tool – Schism

Nah, but what do you want us to describe, I can’t even understand what I just watched, I just know that I’m uncomfortable. I leave you alone judge.

9. Childish Gambino – Telegraph Ave (Oakland

I don’t want to spoil this clip for you if you haven’t seen it, so I’m just going to advise you to take five minutes of your time and watch it.

10. Duck Sauce – Big bad wolf

It’s not particularly super creepy, but it’s disturbing. This kind of character with a head between his legs makes me personally very uncomfortable. Like I just threw up. Twice. Because it’s too weird. And also because I don’t digest my cod liver bread and my orange juice badly.

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