Top 10 salaries of CAC 40 bosses, life is not easy

Are you in trouble and you start cooking your end-of-month dishes so as not to end up on the street? So this top may slightly displease you since I’m going to tell you about people who are the exact opposite of you. The kind to swim in bathtubs of dough and sleep in gold sheets (not at all comfortable this thing). Yes, we are about to discover these charming bosses of the CAC 40 and their fabulous salaries. It’s gone for the depression.

1. The Stellantis boss won 19 million euros for the year 2021

The salary of Carlos Tavares, boss of the automotive group, could have hit 66 million euros, as had been proposed at the start of the year. A figure so high that EVEN Emmanuel Macron called it “shocking” and “excessive”. But a priori, it should rather be around 19 million euros. A figure that still makes you want to cry, especially when you hear the guy swinging “I am an employee like any other” on TV. It’s hard to stay calm there. I want to break things.

2. The boss of Total earns around 6 million euros per year

At the moment, we hear Patrick Pouyanné justify the increase in his salary by 52% in the media: in fact, he had fallen by 36% in 2020 when he had earned “only” 4 million instead of 6 million. Poor guy, he had to tighten his belt. He experienced the crisis. He probably even had to eat pasta to make it through the end of the month.

3. The boss of Sanofi earns 11.8 million euros

In 2021, Paul Hudson, CEO of the company that makes drugs and vaccines, touched just under 12 million euros. The guy doesn’t have to pay agios often.

4. The boss of Axa earns more than 6 million euros per year

With a fixed around 1.65 million euros per year, with a variable of 1.75 million and shares, Thomas Buberl will receive more than 6 million in 2022. He will be able to continue to buy beautiful suits and to sell insurance with vicious clauses that in the end we always get screwed. Great.

5. The boss of Carrefour can receive up to 8 million euros per year

Alexandre Bompard receives a fixed salary of 1.5 million + a variable which can reach 190% of his salary, or 2.85 million euros. Add to that a “long-term compensation” (don’t ask me what it is, I don’t understand anything about it) which can push the figure up to 8 million in 2022. The cashiers must be delighted to work for a guy who earns 500 times their salary.

6. The boss of Engie earns 1 million euros fixed per year (and surely around 3 million in total)

Catherine MacGregor has a fixed salary of 1 million, and I couldn’t find anything regarding variables, but that’s good enough if you ask me. If you didn’t want it, I’m afraid it’s too late. Afterwards, the total salary of her predecessor rose to 3 million, so it must remain in the same waters. It’s not bad, I tell you.

7. The boss of Dassault Systèmes receives between 44 and 60 million euros

And that’s not bad or is it not bad? Bernard Charlès is literally having golden balls in 2022 (okay, not literally, at least not to my knowledge.) Most of his salary will be paid in the form of free shares, but it’s still completely indecent, especially when we know that people are (literally, this time) dying of hunger.

8. The boss of Teleperformance earns around 13 million

For those who, like me, did not know what Teleperformance was, it is the leader in call centers. And Daniel Julien, its CEO, does not work in a call center but in a large office, which allows him to raise a lot of money. He received 13 million in 2021, which is still less than the 17 million in 2020 (poor guy).

9. The boss of L’Oréal will receive nearly 10 million per year

Nicolas Hieronimus is a newcomer to the head of L’Oréal, and he starts with a fixed salary of 2 million euros a year, but if we look at how much his predecessor earned, with dividends and all, it should rather hit the 10 million per year in the end. A nice check that must be satisfactory to cash.

10. Schneider’s boss receives 6.5 million euros

Jean-Pascal Tricoire leads Schneider Electric the “world leader in digital energy solutions and automations for energy efficiency and sustainability”. Wow, that bangs. Does it slap enough to touch so much dough? I don’t think so, but this is once again just my opinion as a big leftist who would like more equality between human beings.

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