Top 10 safety rules to know for babies in the car, it’s useful promised

When you have a baby, there are tons of safety rules to follow if you don’t want to put him in danger. It’s valid at home, in a stroller, in bed… And even more so in the car! Already for adults, you have to be vigilant, so with a baby, it’s even worse. While some rules are just common sense, others can be more subtle, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t know much about them. Come on, drive Simone!

1. Take off his coat

We don’t necessarily think about it, because it’s cold outside, the car isn’t heated, and you don’t want your child to be cold. Except that by tying him with his winter coat, the strap will not be adapted to his body, but to the overlay of the coat. In the event of an accident, it will not tighten sufficiently. The best thing is to take off his down jacket, tie it up, and put a blanket over it.

2. Deactivates the airbag well if it is installed in the front

If you can’t install your child in the back (which is recommended until they are 10 years old), you can install them in the front. But don’t forget to deactivate the passenger airbag, at the risk of it being triggered in the event of an impact, with all the consequences that you can easily imagine.

3. Always strap it on, even for a short trip

Even if it’s to go to the end of the street, to the bakery, or to make a U-turn in the parking lot. You don’t know what can happen, and having an unrestrained baby and an accident, even a very small one, can have extremely serious consequences.

4. Check that the seat is really well installed

And not badly strapped with the belt which twists, the seat which moves, etc. Everything must fit perfectly. Imagine a crash on the highway if the seat is installed incorrectly, it’s really the drama.

5. Check that the car seat is really suitable for its weight

Each car seat has its group depending on the weight of the child. Group 0, group 0+, group 1, etc. Do not buy a car seat for children from 9kg, if yours is only 7, telling yourself that you can keep it longer like that . It’s dangerous.

6. Choose the right attachment system

Safety belts or Isofix, you have to find the system adapted to your car. Isofix being the best, since it limits the risk of incorrect installation and ensures a real link between the car seat and the chassis of the vehicle.

7. Remember to put the child lock on the door

If your kid starts to use his hands and touch everything within his reach, it’s time to use the child lock on his side door, to prevent him from opening the door in the middle of the journey.

8. If it weighs less than 9kg, it must be installed rearward facing

Because in the event of an accident, his back is not able to withstand too big a shock. It is better to put it back to the road, to preserve its cervical.

9. Do not skimp on the price of the car seat and on EU standards

Don’t buy your car seat on the fly. Check its year of manufacture, and if all the safety stickers are up to standard. Yes, a car seat is not cheap, but there are things you can’t skimp on.

10. There are taxis with car seats

For Parisians, for example, it’s very practical, when you don’t want to hit the crowded metro or the bus with your stroller. You can therefore order a taxi with a car seat, some are equipped with one, you just have to specify it when you reserve it.

And you, do you have any other safety tips for car journeys with your children?

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