Top 10 rumors about the parentage of well-known people, it’s very popular

Even though we know it’s none of our business and we should grow up and stop being groupies, we can’t help but love celebrity scandals. We ask ourselves questions about their life, their children, their fortune and we will probably never have an answer; but at least it keeps us busy.

1. Prince Harry would be the son of James Hewitt

Despite the passing years and the royal family not reacting (and we understand them), the rumor about the biological father of Prince Harry does not weaken. When we know that Lady Diana had an affair for 5 years with James Hewitt, a former soldier who gave her riding lessons, it is difficult not to make a connection with the face of her son Harry. The resemblance to Charles is striking, don’t you think?

2. Chances are Ronan Farrow is Frank Sinatra’s son

Officially, Ronan is the son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, but the public has long doubted his relationship to the director. In 2013, Mia Farrow admitted to Vanity Fair reporters that Frank Sinatra was likely the father of her son. The actress and singer were married for two years, 20 years before Ronan was born, but the actress said they never really broke up.

3. Paris and Prince probably aren’t Michael Jackson’s biological children.

The Jackson family has always claimed that Paris and Prince were the King of Pop’s biological children, but while that may not matter, the public remains skeptical. Everyone knows that there are very pale-skinned children born to a dark-skinned parent, but the two children look so little like their father that there is room for doubt. Paris has always been annoyed by these rumors and even posted a DNA test extract on Instagram that gave her origins from sub-Saharan Africa.

Another rumor, which has long disturbed the children, says that their biological mother is Elizabeth Taylor, who was very close to Michael Jackson.

4. Is Suri Cruise really Tom Cruise’s daughter?

If we rely on her birth certificate (and you can imagine that I went to check, we are doing a real investigative work here), the daughter of Katie Holmes is indeed that of Tom Cruise. However, a rumor is circulating about a relationship between Suri Cruise and Chris Klein, the ex-boyfriend of the actress. Many have wondered if Katie Holmes wasn’t already pregnant with Suri when she got married to Tom Cruise. This would explain why the couple was in such a rush to get married. Yeah.

5. Ségolène Royal would be the daughter of François Mitterrand

In the 1980s, a strange rumor was born: François Mitterrand had a hidden daughter and this daughter was called Ségolène Royal. It all started with a single sentence: during François Mitterrand’s swearing-in ceremony for his second term, a camera films the crowd and records Ségolène Royal asking the President “Can’t you do something for me? “. As the young woman then won her first term as an MP in a constituency deemed unwinnable by the left, it was enough for the rumor to be born and spread.

6. Jay-Z may have a hidden son

Between 2010 and 2015, a young man named Rymir Satterthwaite claimed he was most likely Jay-Z’s son. This rumor is not unfounded since the mother of the young man who wants to become a rapper would indeed have slept with Jay-Z in the 90s, before his marriage to Beyoncé. Rymir sued the star to try to force him to take a paternity test, without success.

7. Who is Khloe Kardashian’s parent?

While the father of Kris Jenner’s three eldest daughters is believed to be Robert Kardashian (hope he’s not reading us from up there), no less than THREE different men have claimed to be Khloe’s father. Hairstylist and family friend Alex Roldan has spread rumors of his parentage with Khloé. Later, OJ Simpson and Lionel Richie insinuated the same thing but Khloe Kardashian never wanted to take a paternity test.

8. The father of two children of Mindy Kaling would be her ex-boyfriend BJ Novak

Mindy Kaling is an actress (it’s Kelly in The Office) and American screenwriter who has two children whose father’s identity is unknown. Obviously, that’s none of our business… but we can’t help but ask ourselves questions. A popular rumor says that actor BJ Novak, with whom she dated ten years earlier, is the father of the two kids.

9. Actor Justice Smith’s father is said to be… Will Smith

Justice Smith is an American actor who notably played in the series The Get Down with Jaden Smith. A simple family name, yet very common, was enough to give rise to a rumor: the actor would in fact be the son of Will Smith. The many questions on the subject made Justice Smith laugh and he added the mention “not Will Smith’s son” to his bio on Twitter.

Top 10 rumors about the parentage of well known people its

10. Shaquille O’Neal is Emmanuel Macron’s hidden son

You think what you want but I believe it

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