Top 10 rules Disneyland employees are required to follow

Disneyland parks are full of secrets. So yes, normally, the principle of secrecy is that it must remain secret, well it seems to me that is the concept. But since we’re pretty nice people and we don’t want to leave you in the dark, we’re going to answer the questions you have about Disneyland, and especially about the “Cast Members”, the band of happy lads who work in the amusement park. Zé left for the most shocking revelations, hang on to your boots.

1. Those who play a character must always stay in their role

Employees who are disguised, and even more so those whose faces are visible, must never let people think that they are not the real Rapunzel/Gaston/Winnie (your choice). Thus, no Disneyland guest should see them eating, smoking, using their phone, or chewing gum. They must also stick as much as possible to the character’s personality and behavior, never frown and only refer to their universe, and especially not to things that exist outside the park. You have to be really focused.

2. They must have polished hair and nails.

Until early 2021, a Disneyland employee had to follow very strict rules regarding nails and hair. Men had to have natural fingernails cut flush, short or even shaved hair not touching the ears or the collar of the shirt and a perfectly trimmed beard. As for the women, they had to have fingernails no longer than a quarter of an inch with neutral polish without embellishments, and natural hair that should never hide their tag.

Today, the park wants to be more progressive so for a few months, the notion of gender has quite disappeared, especially in American parks, and men have the right to wear nail polish and have long hair. Colorings were also authorized but only for natural colors (exit fluorescent pink and khaki green).

3. They’re not allowed to point

Yes, if you ask an employee for directions to Crush Coaster, they won’t be able to point their finger at which direction to take because it’s offensive in some cultures and Disney wants to respect everyone (people who really love anyone which, too mimsou). Employees will therefore use either their index and middle fingers, or their whole hand. It would also be a nod to Walt Disney who always pointed in a direction with two fingers because of the cigarette he had in his hand.

4. Appearance guidelines are pretty strict

Still until 2021, you had to respect specific physical rules to work with Mickey and Minnie, namely no visible piercings and tattoos. But still in the interests of inclusivity, US parks today allow their employees to wear piercings and tattoos, unless these are on the head, neck, exceed the size of a hand or involve nudity. and offensive words. So no “Fuck capitalism” on the biceps, sorry.

5. Their jewelry is regulated

In order not to distract customers too much from the magical world, employees are limited in jewellery: they can only wear one ring on each hand except for wedding rings, and basic earrings/necklaces/bracelets and watches. Large hoop earrings with dangling pearls are, for example, prohibited, as are foot rings or anklets. The same goes for the glasses: these must have a very classic shape and color and not display a logo or name. A little disappointed for my Captain Vodka glasses, but hey…

6. They have to keep the park clean all the time

If you’ve ever been to Disney, you’ve probably noticed how proooooopre the park is, it’s so much fun. To keep it in this pristine condition, all Disney employees, regardless of role, are tasked with picking up any trash they find and putting it in the trash. Well, in a bit of a stylish way if they’re in costume, but they still have to pick up.

7. They call themselves by their first name but have to change it if someone already has theirs

This rule must certainly screw up a little shit between the Emmas and the Louises of this world. Because as Walt Disney wanted, people who work in the park must be called by the first name on their uniform tag. The problem is that if there are two employees wearing the same one, you can no longer tell them apart. So to avoid misunderstandings, people hired who have the same first name as one of those already used are given a name other than their own. For once, the Clitorines are lucky.

8. They don’t have the right not to know how to answer a question.

A Disney employee should never respond ” I do not know ” to the question of a customer because he is supposed to know everything about the park, the cartoons and the history of Disney. And if he really does not know, he must find the answer with his superior. In short, if you want to work there, you better have a good memory.

9. They need to learn how to always get the same autograph

If the children go to Disneyland parks in other countries or if the person who was doing Tiana is replaced the next day, in any case, the autograph signature must always be the same. Thus, cast members who embody characters learn to make the same signature everywhere in the world. Prepare your best pens.

10. They must not talk about their work

If one day you have the chance to put on the Mickey costume, you won’t be able to talk about it on social networks or to your friends because you have to preserve the magic of Disney by making sure that no one knows who is hiding under the costumes. To circumvent this rule a little, some cast members say that they are “friends” with the character they play. The smartest people.

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