Top 10 rich people who don’t care about global warming, high profile contempt

It is no longer to be proven that it is the rich (and of course the super-rich) who pollute the planet the most. However, no matter how much we know, the crass impunity they display for their behavior can make you want to slap them. Let’s all be reassured, climate change is not going to calm down and the first people in charge have nothing to do with it. I’m fine, everything’s fine, I’m happy, everything pleases me.

If you thought it was impossible to quote Dany Boon in the intro, know that you are wrong.

1. The giggles of MBabbé and the PSG coach when they are told about the idea of ​​traveling by train rather than by plane

The laughter followed by a valve of a Pascaulpraudesque level on the possible displacements in “sand yachting” is not only shocking but it can only give you one more reason to boycott the next World Cup in Qatar.

2. Emmanuel Macron who talks about the end of abundance just after his short jet ski tour in a protected area

All this after shitting on the 150 measures proposed by the Citizen Climate Convention. We are really delighted to be back for 5 years with this beautiful person who is very aware of the climate emergency. Not only does he give a shit, but he also has hobbies like a redneck (jet skiing, honestly? Dude next time, go hunting on a quad).

3. Jeff Bezos

He is more or less the richest man on the planet and in addition he makes super generous donations (in reality, a drop in the ocean of his fortune) to fight against climate change. But the problem is not so much that Jeff Bezos doesn’t care about all that, it’s rather that he doesn’t understand anything about it. Proof of this is the solution that came to his mind after his trip to space (grr): move all the polluting industries into space so as not to pollute the planet. Not only is it stupid but it is the reflection of a dramatic lack of culture on the cause and effect relationships of climate change. Anyway, Jeff shut up, destroy your box and go plant a vegetable garden.

4. Elon Musk

A bit like Jeff Bezos, the second biggest loser on the planet shamelessly displays his desire to work for our environment. But at the same time he does everything to get away from Mars. Boah, we are no longer one indecency.

5.Tom Cruise

OK the dude definitely saved the movie theater with the latest Top Gun (a good propaganda film to enlist in the Air Force, but hey, it’s not as if all films had to talk only about radiative forcing). Was it necessary to show up at the Cannes Film Festival in a helicopter escorted by an air patrol?

6. Bernard Arnault

The richest man in the world has drawn the attention of several accounts lifting the veil on his (many) private jet trips that make his carbon footprint a monument of toxicity. Can we sincerely imagine that he has absolutely nothing to give a damn about all this crap about ecology my balls?

7. Dumb YouTubers

I could give you a bunch of them, but if you had to keep just one, Travor Jacob certainly wins the prize with this fake plane crash organized with the aim of creating a buzz on the web. The guy filmed himself parachuting from the plane heading straight for a mountain. I assure you, he lost his license. But is this enough?

Well obviously I’m talking to you about this guy in particular but in the lot you also put me all the influencers who show their ass on heavenly funds in Dubai and are far from having the slightest form of interest in the subject.

8.Kim Kardashian

Unsurprisingly, the KimK is contributing its stone to the edifice of climate change and the private visit it offers us from its private jet is undoubtedly the most edifying proof of this. Let her enter the pantheon of the most indecent moves of the rich.

9. Taylor Swift

We loved it when she defended herself from being the most polluting person of the year in view of her excessive use of the private jet, as she would lend her means of transport to all her friends. Anyway, it’s not her fault, poor thing.

Bernard Arnault, Taylor Swift… unsurprisingly billionaires are getting tired of being pointed at their behavior. It’s stupid, it would be easier for them to change their behavior directly.

10. This Mexican billionaire who doesn’t care about…everything.

The guy doesn’t give a damn about anything that he looks like a kamoulox. This is how, in the midst of global confinement, he had a big party on his private yacht guaranteed without any form of sanitary measures even though he underpaid the employees of his companies while forcing them to come to work in full pandemic.

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