Top 10 Reverse Psychology Techniques That Work On Children

Children sometimes surprise us with their intelligence, but we have to admit that it’s not often either. In general, children shine above all by their credulity and their psychological impasses on things they have decided. But some parents manage to turn the situation around by using mental tricks worthy of a Jedi.

1. Making veggies look like grown-up stuff

The situation: Your kid refuses to eat his broccoli.

The solution approved by Reddit: Make him believe that vegetables are not for him, that they are reserved for adults, that he must not touch them, or else without telling his other parent, discreetly. Because hey, it’s really not good for him.

2. The art of turning household chores into competition

The Situation: You’re sick of doing the dishes, laundry, and floors while your kids are watching.

The solution approved by Reddit: Challenge your children to hang (for example) the most laundry on the tancarville. Usually you won’t win (but neither will you try).

3. Make something boring look like a prank

The problem: Your kid won’t get out of bed in the morning.

The Reddit-approved solution: Make him think it would be super fun to prank his/her dad/mom by getting up early to get dressed and going back to bed pretending to sleep until he/she arrives to wake him up. Surprise ! I’m already dressed! Cool, we’ll be able to go to school uneventfully then. Telling good stories to children is good.

4. Convince him that something that, a priori, annoys him, is too dangerous

The problem: Your kid absolutely doesn’t want to do this extracurricular activity that doesn’t contain any video games.

The Reddit-approved solution: Make him realize that he’s out of the question anyway for him to sign up for such a dangerous thing where there are ninjas, robots, and explosions everywhere. Out of the question. And presto, let’s go for the extra physics-chemistry class.

5. Play on your competitive spirit

The problem: It’s always you who end up putting the toys away, otherwise it’s a crisis.

The solution approved by Reddit: Turn the storage of toys into a game. You have to store the red toys super quickly, otherwise you won’t be up to it, and the same for the blue ones, and the same for the green ones… And presto! A clean living room.

6. Reasoning by the absurd

The problem: Always the same: he doesn’t want to do his homework.

The Reddit-approved solution: “If you do your homework, I’ll buy you dinner tonight. Once the homework is done, he might realize that you’re actually buying him dinner every night.

7. Reverse roles

The problem: Your kid lets go of your hand and starts running down the street when it’s super dangerous.

The solution approved by Reddit: Explain to him that he absolutely has to hold your hand because otherwise someone might steal you. In addition, it will be a way to know if your child is a psychopath (or a gifted child).

8. The Illusion of Choice


The solution approved by Reddit: Ask the child if he prefers to leave immediately, in 5 minutes or in 10 minutes. As children have no concept of time, you can leave after one minute whatever time they have chosen (usually ten minutes).

9. Catch teens at their own game

The problem: Your 12-year-old has packs of cigarettes in his room.

The solution approved by Reddit: Tell him that he smokes poor quality cigarettes with a ridiculous lighter and change it to him for another flashier one, otherwise his friends will make fun of him. Or how to transform a thing of rebellion into an act totally accepted by authority.

10. The hit of the screens

The problem: Your children spend their lives in front of screens: phones, computers or tablets.

The Reddit-approved solution: Leaving a fake prescription lying around diagnosing you with a very serious problem created by all the screens you’re looking at and, when asked about it, explaining that yeah it’s because of the time spent on the screens you’re looking at. have this painful condition.

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