Top 10 regional expressions that we would like all of France to use

Patois expressions, there are hundreds of them but some are so weird that they deserve not to be used anymore. Fortunately, there are also regional expressions that many many people use. But a lot is never enough: we would like the whole of France to know these words in order to be able to understand each other more easily. Come on, everyone open their notebooks and start taking notes!

1. “What do we say to each other”

In Nord-Pas-de-Calais, there are plenty of somewhat strange ch’tis expressions, but we must admit that some are very practical. The famous “we say what” means “we keep ourselves informed” and it’s still much faster.

2. “You have better time”

“You have better time” is a Franche-Comté expression to say “you would do better”. The inhabitants of Besançon use it about 12 times a day and it would be more practical if everyone understood what they were saying. “You have better time to eat Cancoillotte rather than Comté cheese, it makes you less fat!” “, what a magnificent region…

3. “It sucks”

In the south of France, many people use the verb “péguer” which is very practical because there is no equivalent. When something sticks, it means it’s sticky, it sticks. Your t-shirt stinks when you sweat and it sticks to your skin, just like the floor stinks in a bar at 1am.

4. “Between Noon”

Why make it complicated when you can make it simple, frankly? In Lorraine, we say “between noon” instead of “between noon and two” because it’s shorter and therefore faster. In general, we use this expression to talk about the lunch break.

5. “Knock the door”

In certain regions of France (in Normandy and in the East in particular), the word “trigger” is used to speak of a door handle and the verb “trigger” to operate this handle. After all why not ?

6. “It pisses me off””It pisses me off”

Instead of saying “I’m embarrassed” or “I’m uncomfortable”, some Vendeans say “it pisses me off” or “it upsets me” but this word also means that we have shivers of discomfort. , almost goosebumps. There is an equivalent: “it fucks the female dog”, a Quebec expression that we particularly appreciate at Topito.

7. “Being Narrous”

Here is another new word of which there is no equivalent: “nareux”. Being nasty means being fussy about the cleanliness of the table and the food. Someone who is narous refuses to drink from the same bottle as the others or to eat from a plate that has already been used. He is someone who is easily disgusted.

8. “I got stoned”

“Empierger” is a regional verb from Champagne, Picardy, Brie and the Ardennes. When you get stuck in something, it’s because you trip over yourself and catch yourself before falling. I find this word a little ugly (without offense) but rather practical.

9. It’s the pompom on the Garonne

If you come from the South-West, you surely know this expression of Toulouse. When it’s the pompom on the Garonne, it’s that it’s the icing on the cake or the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Quite frankly, I love this expression.

10. “Gossip”

I wanted to add an expression from home in this top and I chose “se traler”, a Breton expression that you don’t hear anywhere else (well, maybe just in Normandy). Going around means kicking your ass without restraint (and potentially hurting yourself badly).

Good on the other hand the chocolatine, we forget. It would be about leaving the Southwest alone for a bit.

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