Top 10 records that remain to be broken for Mbappé

From the height of his 23 years, he has already marked the history of France in the same way as Napoleon or César (well OK, he was not French but you got the idea) …

Youngest player to reach the 100-goal mark in Ligue 1, the youngest player to reach the 30-goal mark in the Champions League and finally scoreless in the World Cup final at only 19 years old (me at the time – there I was struggling on APB for my orientation).

But what then remains for Mbappé to (really) get everyone to agree on his records? The rest in this top.

1. Top scorer in the history of PSG

Mbappé is now only 50 goals from Cavani’s record (200 goals), and 6 from that of Zlatan (156), the road is not so long to beat this record.

Limit, it seems too easy for him (if he decides to stay at PSG especially). Okay, we’ll try to find some tougher stuff.

2. Top scorer in world cup history

Ok, there we are already a step above and our little Kylian is quite far from this record (frankly we believe it). The record is held by the very great Brazilian striker Marta with 17 goals in total, allowing her to surpass the former record of the German Miroslav Klose (16 goals).

Attention, I see you already coming with your comments of the kind “Yeah it’s women’s football, it’s not the same level”, I do not care, I did not ask your opinion bunch of jackals. If not as a reminder, Mbappé is for the moment “only” at 4 goals (which is really not bad, have you already done better?).

3. The most influential soccer player (ok it’s a bit of the daubasse but still)

He is in the top 10 which is already very stylish, but he is not number 1, and he is even quite far from the top of the ranking with his 62 million followers on Instagram, compared to Neymar (167 million), Messi (298 million) or Ronaldo (387 million).

After that, is it the followers that make you a great soccer player? No, but I’m struggling to find records for him to break so this one is clearly going to be one of them.

4. Most capped player in the history of PSG

Uncapped, that does not mean that the player is playing with a cape (ha-ha). Capé, it means the players who have played the most games in the history of the club (guys who do not know the bench or the injuries what, in other words real warriors).

The first three are for the moment: Jean-Marc Pilorget (435 games) Sylvain Armand (380 games) and Marco Verratti (345 games), but hey again it’s all a matter of time (Veratti arrived at PSG in 2012 , Mbappé was 13 years old at the time) and we doubt that Mbappé will stay long enough in this club to break these records …

5. Higher number of goals scored during an edition of the Euro

Mbappé had declared just before the start of the summer “9 goals is a lot, but records are made to be broken”, speaking of Platini’s record.

Well that obviously, it was before knowing that we were going to be made out like shit by SWITZERLAND in the 8th finals (the memory is still painful) …

6. The fastest hat-trick in football history

Record currently held by Sadio Mané scoring a hat-trick in less than 3 minutes with Southampton against Aston Villa in the English championship in 2015.

We know that Mbappé runs (very very) fast, but this record seems very difficult to beat all the same.

7. Win a golden ball

Well it’s not really a record and then we are not going to lie to each other the golden ball that means nothing any more given that whatever the performances it is always attributed to the same two players (I will not say who eh …)

It would still be cool if Mbappé would one day be one of the titled French players who are for the moment: Zidane, Papin, Platini and Kopa.

8. Fastest human in the history of the world

We go a little outside the framework of football but it does not matter, apparently Mbappé would have been flashed at a burst of speed at 37 km / h, so much faster than an electric bike (everything is normal), Usain Bolt would have him a top speed of over 43 km / h so he doesn’t have to worry too much…

And for the record, Sonic the hedgehog would have a top speed of 1224 km / h so remember that everything is relative and that the human remains a dark shit in front of Sonic.

9. Longest stay in a barrel atop a mast

And boom ! don’t you have that Mbappé ??

This is what South African Vernon Kruger said to himself when he was perched in a barrel 25 m above the ground for 75 days, in Dullstroom, in 2019. He thus broke his own record of 67 days and 14 minutes, established at the same location in 1997.

You still have some way to go Mbappé before you become a legend …

10. The tallest M & M’s tower ever made by man

And in your deeeeeents Mbappé !!!!

That’s what the Englishman Will Cutbill shouted after spending more than 6 hours trying to stack 5 M & M’s on top of each other… and guess what? He succeeded! The old record was 4, bravo Will, Mbappé clearly cannot say the same.

As you can see, even if Mbappé is really very strong (not really), he still has a few things to prove before having total control of his sharigan, ok sorry I digress.

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