Top 10 records held by Belgians, they are wonderful

We make jokes about the Belgians who are sick because we beat them well during the World Cup. But in truth, we should shut up because these people are really badass in many other areas. Sometimes I think to myself that I would have liked to have been born in Brussels, once.

1. The record for the longest jumping balloon ride

This one, we hadn’t seen it coming. For the first time in the world, a Belgian decided, in June 2020, to climb the mythical Col du Tourmalet, in the Pic du Midi massif, in a jumping balloon. It took 11 hours to cover the 1,404 meters and reach the summit. Well, who votes for the jump ball to be the new mode of travel? The electric scooter is overrated.

2. The record for time spent sitting on the toilet

Jimmy de Frenne, 48, sat on the throne for almost 120 hours. He was aiming for 150 hours but his body couldn’t hold the seated position for that long. In five days, he slept only 3 hours. At least you know that if you live with him, you will necessarily need other toilets because you might have to wait a long time before you can relieve yourself.

3. Fastest golf hole record

It was a question of finishing the hole N° 10 as quickly as possible by carrying his clubs. Thomas Detry, 26, managed to complete this hole (it’s not sexual at all, stop two minutes) in 1 minute and 33 seconds.

4. The record of the oldest twins on the planet

They were called Pierre and Paul Langerock and they celebrated their 104 years together in 2017 before Pierre died a few weeks later. They slept in the same room at the retirement home (too cute) and drank a glass of red every day. And as they say, “A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away”. Just sayin.

5. The record for the longest fries cooking time

If it was not a Belgian who held the record, we would have been entitled to an international scandal. Fortunately, Luc Driesen, owner of a chip shop, was really hot to bring this record home. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of his restaurant, he decided to cook fries as long as possible. He lasted five days, six hours and fifteen minutes and celebrated his victory by being covered in fries by his employees. Well, I’m for the celebrations but it’s still not crazy for the planet all this waste.

6. The record for the biggest pumpkin

This competition, organized each year in Germany on the occasion of the annual exhibition of cucurbits, saw triumphant Mathias Willemijns and his squash of 1190.5 kilos. Yeah, not gross, yeah. I don’t know about you, but it makes me really want to start growing pumpkins.

7. The record for the longest stay aboard an amusement park ride

If you also live your best life in the Mine Train, the Goudurix or the Roller Coaster, this record should please you. Sam Clauw from Zonnebeke spent 50 hours in the Bellewaerde pirate ship. Personally, just watching the video, I already have the sheaf.

8. The record for the biggest Gameboy

Vision problems? Poorly treated myopia? Not easy to play on small screens. lhan Unal has created the biggest Gameboy in the world, which is 101 cm high, 62 cm wide and 20 cm deep. And the original cartridges of some games like Tetris and Super Mario Land are compatible. Well after that it’s a bit of a hassle to take on vacation.

9. The record for the longest petanque game

For once, the Belgians beat the French (sorry, I had to). If the Marseillais had played for 50 hours, the Gilles de B’Heinsch themselves teased the jack for 52 hours. In truth, it’s because they didn’t play against Urbain, otherwise they would have stopped playing much earlier.

10. The Longest Dance on The Lakes of Connemara

I’m not sure I want to try to break this record one day… Especially since at the start, Radio Q-Music, which set this record, wanted to broadcast Michel Sardou’s song continuously for five days. Lucky they finally gave up on the idea. In the end, listeners took turns for 24 hours and 16 minutes to wave a white scarf to the song. It’s already too much in my opinion.

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