Top 10 recent songs that have already aged badly, hello Fauve

We often talk about films that have aged badly and even series that have aged badly, but we talk less often about songs. Even if there are no bad special effects or bad actors, the songs can take a lot of time. The production, flow, lyrics, voice-changing techniques, or even a major evolution in the artist’s career can make a song completely obsolete. This top is obviously perfectly subjective, you can all throw stones at me if you are Nekfeu fans.

1. We’ll See – Nekfeu

Nekfeu has proven in recent years (and in particular with his album Cyborg) that he has his place in French rap. Today, he is far from his “songs for groupies” period and We’ll see made a bit of a stain in this fine career. The beat is horrible, the lyrics are bad and even the grain of Nekfeu’s voice is detestable in this song. Above all, the famous “eh-eh” that we never want to hear again.

2. In My Paranoia – Jul

From his album My World, Jul has really established himself in French rap in the eyes of everyone (except the haters). And then before that there was In my paranoia. We can love, I don’t judge. But it’s pretty bad (I have no arguments).

3. Blizzard – Beast

In 2013, Fauve became a national phenomenon. With its EP of 6 songs cataloged indie-rock, the group toured festivals and many concerts. Among these songs, Blizzard is the best known. The production isn’t bad, it’s just the same in all the songs. In fact, the real problem is this slightly weird slam that has had its day. And then, we listened to Radiohead so much that we quickly got tired of songs that talk about depression.

4. Turn Up the Music – Chris Brown

This song was released in 2012 but it could very well have been released in 2003. It is unthinkable to listen to this grimy nightclub sound of the 2000s today.

5. On My Mother’s Head – L’Algérino

This is a song from 2010 that we wouldn’t even listen to for fun today. The flow of L’Algérino is complicated, we even wonder if he read the lyrics before starting to sing. It is honestly (but at all objectively) difficult to listen to the whole sound.

6. Mrs. Pavoshko – Black M

While the songs of Sexion d’Assaut have aged rather well, the same cannot be said of those of Black M (although more recent). Here, the production is filthy and that’s mainly what hurts the ears. The rhythm is also very bad and the backs are very badly done.

7. No, no, no – Camellia Jordana

When No no no came out, we heard Camélia Jordana everywhere and all the time for quite a while. And then, looking back, this song is simply unbearable. Once again, it’s mainly the rhythm that’s wrong, even if the production isn’t quite there.

8. It’s going too fast – Bigflo & Oli

It’s going too fast was released in 2017 and is already obsolete. Rapping fast, nobody cares anymore. On top of that, the beat is repetitive. As the good Seth Gueko said: “Cousin, rapping fast doesn’t mean rapping well”.

9. Brussels – Boulevard des Airs

Boulevard des Airs had its moment of fame in the 2010s before sinking back into oblivion. Today no one listens Brussels or the other songs of the group because they have not aged well. This grain of voice and this way of singing are no longer fashionable.

10. Tired of Being Sorry – Nadiya and Enrique Iglesias

Alright, I’m abusing it a bit. A song can’t age badly when no one has ever considered it a good song.

I hope this top will have put a lot of songs in your head (no no no no, I don’t want to take the aiiiir).

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