Top 10 reasons to watch The White Lotus, two seasons of happiness

In the best series of 2022, we must also count the sequels like the second season ofEuphoria or that of The White Lotus. If you like beautiful landscapes, captivating music and people who get mad at everything and nothing, you’ll love this series.

For the character of Armond and his fake smile

The concept of the series is to follow the customers and employees of one of the luxury hotels of the “White Lotus” group. In season 1, the director of the White Lotus of Hawaii is called Armond and despite his beautiful smile on the face of it, we feel that he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. With each new client who comes to complain about the temperature of the air conditioning or the lack of availability at the spa, he smiles with all his teeth but just wants to tear his eyes out.

It feels like going on vacation

What is a bit boring with this series is that it makes you really want to be rich to go and spend a vacation in a heavenly hotel with a breakfast buffet. At least, it allows you to see beautiful landscapes and handsome people who drink Spritz, holidays from your couch.

To see Euphoria’s Cassie again in a new plague role

Sydney Sweeney is good at playing temperamental and annoying teenagers. After Cassie in Euphoriashe plays Olivia in The White Lotus and gives us cult performances where she disdainfully criticizes her parents, her brother and the rest of the universe.

We love to see people high on money get screwed

Since we can’t take their place, it’s a pleasure to see people who are too rich stupidly lose money. The best characters of season 2, Lucia and Mia, are devilishly cunning and will not hesitate to play their charms in an attempt to rob everyone. We want more, bring them back for season 3!

Because Jennifer Coolidge makes us laugh way too much

It is the only character that we find in the two seasons of the series: after having dispersed the ashes of her mother in Hawaii, the extremely wealthy Tanya McQuoid goes to the White Lotus of Sicily for a not really deserved vacation. She’s selfish, capricious, stupid, spends her time moaning and we want more because it’s simply hilarious.

It makes you want to cheat on your partner and abandon your kids

It seems a lot easier to be married and a parent when you have too much money. We can go on vacation leaving the kids at home or take them and not take care of them all week, rather fun. And then while we’re at it, why not cheat on your other half with a friend or a passing prostitute. What a dream life.

No character is endearing because they are either hateful or stupid

There are three types of characters in The White Lotus: the dark shits, the deep morons, and the boring people. The advantage is that we are not disappointed when the characters change from one season to another.

Nothing funnier than neurotic people making up problems

Small program of a dream day in a luxury hotel:

10 a.m.: All-you-can-eat breakfast

11 a.m.: Go and complain about something randomly to the employees

12 p.m.: Check your emails and have a Zoom meeting

1 p.m.: Debating shitty stuff with family or friends over lunch

2 p.m.: Wondering if his wife slept with his friend

3 p.m.: Being scandalized because there are too many people at the pool

4 p.m.: Discovering that his father cheated on his mother

5 p.m.: Drinking wine with the family as if nothing had happened

We become real detectives trying to solve the riddle of the season

At the beginning of each season, we are treated to a preview of the end of the stay where we learn that someone has died. Inevitably, we wonder throughout the story which character will die and the writers manage rather well to drown the fish so that we do not expect it.

To sum up, watch the series and come and tell us afterwards in the comments what you thought of it (if it’s to say that it was bad, it’s better to say nothing because we’ll get angry).

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