Top 10 reasons to visit Lanzarote, gem of the Canary Islands

Canary Island, Lanzarote is recognized as a biosphere reserve by Unesco. A unique place on many points which over the years has become more and more popular. We come here on vacation and we don’t want to leave. A true movie star, muse for artists, perfect photo model, Lanzarote is a poem shaped by nature…

1. It feels like being on another planet

Indeed, it is blatant. Here more than anywhere else in the Canaries or even in Spain. Stellar… That’s the word that first comes to mind. And then even NASA comes to train there. Lunar lands, phantasmagorical lakes like the Charco Verde on the playa de los Ciclos, intimidating mountains and desert expanses… Lanzarote is truly science fiction.

2. The landscapes are very varied

However, even if Lanzarote is often limited to these lunar landscapes, the island knows how to show a great variety. Which is rather surprising given its small size. With a rather rugged and mountainous northern part, a center squatted by volcanoes and a superb natural park which we will talk about below, and a south characterized by its paradisiacal beaches, Lanzarote justifies journeys by car which suddenly turn out to be particularly spectacular.

3. It’s a popular filming location

Due to its very atypical nature, Lanzarote caught the eye of directors very early on. It is indeed quite simple here to shoot in the heart of surreal landscapes that can evoke Mars or an unknown planet. A bit like in USS Callister, the first episode of season 4 of Black Mirror. Lanzarote, which we also saw in One Million Years BC with Raquel Welch, The Dwarfs Also Started Small, by Werner Herzog, In the Heart of the Ocean, by Ron Howard, Clash of the Titans, by Louis Letterier or Broken Embraces, by Pedro Almodovar. Not to mention a number of commercials and other music videos. And every time it’s the same: Lanzarote steals the show from celebrities. Well, except in the Almodovar because nothing and no one can eclipse Penélope Cruz.

4. The climate is ideal

And by ideal, of course, we mean neither too hot nor too cold. Here, no big heat wave in the summer like in Madrid for example. Winter ? Rather mild considering that the mercury rarely drops below 12 or 13 degrees. Only very small problem: the wind. It’s nearly ubiquitous and super hot and sand laden at times. Good after that it is badly to fall…

5. For unique architecture

If a character is attached to Lanzarote, it is César Manrique. A somewhat whimsical artist who took advantage of his installation on the island to let all his creativity express itself. Always concerned with respecting nature and its inclinations, Manrique has built amazing houses but also created spaces that are very popular today, such as the cactus garden.

6. We surf there

It is not for nothing if we compare Lanzarote to Hawaii. There are waves in abundance all year round (especially in winter, when they are generally higher) and the spots are legion. We can for example mention El Quemao, the most famous, La Santa, Caleta de Famara or San Juan, which has already hosted a stage of the world championships.

7. The wine is excellent and the food is great

It is in the beautiful valley of the Geria that we find vines cultivated curiously on the lava. Another particularity? They are grouped in groves and protected from the wind by small walls. Vines which notably produce a delicious dry white which is readily enjoyed in bodegas. On the plate side, it is all the colorful richness of Caribbean gastronomy that is revealed with specialties such as grilled octopus, limpets, salted potatoes accompanied by red and green Mojo and, for dessert, a small portion de gofio, a toasted flour cake.

8. The beaches are heavenly

And yes, no need to go to Polynesia or Mauritius to enjoy magnificent beaches. Here, there is plenty to do!

9. Timanfaya National Park

One of the many riches of the island. A park of 25 volcanoes, accessible for the sum of 10 euros. Some parts are only visible on foot and others by bus. No private car in this sanctuary. A truly exceptional site!

10. It’s Not Far

Lanzarote is only 4 hours from Paris by plane. It is therefore easy to go there for the weekend or for a longer stay. This of course depends on the period chosen, but generally, it is possible to find very advantageous rates. Including accommodation. Especially if you book a long time in advance.

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