Top 10 reasons to think that being an uncle/aunt is better than a parent (by far)

Yeah yeah, being a parent is great, it’s a crazy experience, a real happiness, blah-blah-blah. Come on, let’s stop lying to each other: in reality, it’s hard, very hard to be an authority figure all the time, to be responsible for the education of your child, to avoid making him a future sociopath . This is why being an uncle or aunt is great: you only have the advantages of having children, without the disadvantages.

1. You can teach him swear words

Because he has to learn them from someone, this poor little thing. And as much as it is by an expert: you. At least he will know how to use them at the right time, and he will have a real panel of choice of words to insult his friends. Thank you uncle !

2. You don’t have to yell at him

Arguing is the lot of parents. Why would you want to yell at a poor little guy when you’re not the one raising him? So leave this chore to his mother or father, after all it’s them who forgot to put on a condom 7 years ago. Let them assume huh, you’re not there for that.

3. You can be his/her confidant

Your nephew or your niece will be able to tell you all their love stories from school, and you will be able to listen to them and guide them, because Prince Charming stories are fine for two minutes, but now we’re going to talk about the real life and real toads.

4. You can give him toys that make a lot of noise.

A rattle that sounds like cymbals? A sword that sounds like lightsabers? Or a real battery, altogether? No problem, you don’t care it’s not at home that it’s going to be unbearable, but at your sister’s or your brother’s.

5. They run away to your house

And it’s still very practical to see that your nephew or your niece expresses his dissatisfaction with life by stopping at your place. So yes, it freaks parents out that he’s running away, but at least he’s going where he feels safe: to his aunt or uncle.

6. You can let him do some bullshit

Well yeah, you’re the aunt or the cool uncle, it’s not up to you to yell at him if he draws all over the wall of his mother’s living room. No, you can admire the fresco and the creative potential of your nephew or niece. A real Picasso the little one.

7. You don’t always have it with you

And so you don’t have time to get bored of it. You know you’re going to go home and find peace, while your sister or your brother is going to chain the rest of his evening with the bath and the bedtime of the little one, not to mention the nocturnal awakenings because he’s teething, so that you’ll be a kid under the duvet watching Netflix.

8. You can throw him files on his father / his mother

Do you need a little revenge? Have you been dragging old files on your sister or brother since you were a teenager, waiting for the right moment to throw them away? It’s your time, you can go, swing everything to your nephew or your niece, you can be sure that it will go around the family in less than 15 minutes.

9. You can continue to sleep in

And yeah, you’re not the one who has to get up when the kid wakes up at 6 a.m., because he’s “slept enough.” No you, you’re in your bed, your duvet is your best friend, you hear him yelling and you sink a little deeper into the warm pillows. And you smile hearing the footsteps of your sister or your brother getting up.

10. It rejuvenates you

Chasing the kids, playing Playstation with them, telling you lame jokes, cooking them alphabet pasta and reading children’s books makes you lose a few years in your head, and it really feels good. You can turn 8 several times in your life, it’s pretty cool, right?

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