Top 10 reasons to stop with grandmother’s tricks, stop with your baking…

As soon as you want to look for something on the Internet such as how to make your own soap, how to make a soup, how to cure your vaginal yeast infection, it’s a safe bet that you’ll land on a site listing a whole bunch of these famous “grandmother’s tricks”. The widely hackneyed expression would therefore imply that our grandmothers have an answer to everything, and a remedy for everything. Well allow me to doubt it!

1. Because when you see your grandmother’s dishes made with moldy ham and not fresh seafood, I don’t see how we could trust her on the rest

So we are talking about a real grandmother over 90 of course. Not a 60-year-old grandmother who doesn’t look like a thrift store. True grandmothers from the top of their great old age are still not often lights when it comes to food quality. It’s normal they no longer have all the balls in the same basket. But don’t make me believe that between two expired blanquettes of veal they have perfected an antidote to hangovers.

Top 10 reasons to stop with grandmother's tricks, stop with your baking...

2. Girls are just senile guys, they say ANYTHING

Well yes between us, can we really trust them? They are surely very nice, eh, but insofar as they no longer have all the cutlery stored in the same drawer, it is perhaps better to keep a certain distance from their health advice.

3. You have to stop after a while with baking soda

The thing, we are reminded of it at every opportunity, to believe that it is the solution for everything. Want to clean your floor? Baking soda. You have a stomachache ? Baking soda. You got stabbed by a really mean guy and you’re dying on the tracks of a train that’s only a few feet away from crushing you? Baking soda.

4. … and white vinegar

Obviously one does not go without the other. It’s the ultimate combo. As long as you also have a zest of lemon under your elbow and you will be directly elected president of grandmother’s tricks.

5. Websites that compile grandmother’s tricks were definitely not made by grandmothers

Hey ho, it’s okay, we don’t do it to me OK? Do you think I’m going to believe that behind a lifestyle website hides an old Jacqueline who would give her good tips? But wake up! We must stop taking us for hams! The media are lying to us! We are manipulated! Reptilians are hiding behind all this!

6. And the grandfathers in all this we think about?

Excuse me, but why would there only be grandmothers in the story? Could there be some sort of lifehack sisterhood owned by the grandma community? Would they all have joined together to eject the grandfathers from the picture? Doubt hovers.

7. Until proven otherwise, I have not seen any grandmother win a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

So their advice, huh, I worry about it.

8. We have never been cured of cancer with “grandmother’s tricks”

OK, maybe we managed to peel an onion without crying all the tears in his body. Great. Cheer. Want a medal? Because when it comes to solving day-to-day problems a little more serious than onion peeling, such as the concept of mortality or the hole in the ozone layer, there’s no one left, I have the impression.

9. Personally, nothing proves to me that grandmothers mean well to the rest of humanity

There are more examples of not-so-cool grandmothers who behave either like old bastards like Auntie Danielle or downright murderous cannibals like the old grandmother from Snow White. So for me it will be a big no on trust.

10. It’s the only way they’ve found to get people to visit them again.

WE GOT YOU, GIRLS! well, it’s dead, we won’t come to visit you if it’s to tell us your old nonsense.

These women mean us harm.

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