Top 10 reasons to stop flying, we have plenty of arguments

That’s it, summer is almost here, which means that it’s time for cocktail parties and crappy vacation arrangements with friends. And often, the trickiest part of planning your vacation is finding one or more planes to fly you to the destination of your dreams, but that was before we explained to you that the plane is is EVIL.

1. The plane pollutes 50 times more than the train

According to the European Environment Agency (EEA)*, a passenger by plane emits 285 grams of C02 over one kilometer, compared to 158 grams by car and only 14 grams by train. Many French people have already gone on strike against the plane, even if it means canceling their holidays.

2. It stinks

Sad but true, too much dry air in the cabin leads to good dehydration if you don’t drink enough water. And who says dehydration very often says bad mouth odor.

Top 10 reasons to stop flying, we have plenty of arguments

3. We are going to experience more and more turbulence, these mini heart attacks of everyday life

Generally speaking, even though they’re perfectly normal and harmless, it’s never nice to feel jolted all over the place at high altitude. The problem is that the greater the pollution and the rise in the level of carbon dioxide in the air, the more turbulence there will be. I let you imagine the atmosphere on planes in 2030.

4. Because of the risks of deep vein thrombosis

Commonly known as “window syndrome”, due to the fact that passengers on this side have much less opportunity to stroll through the aisles, this risk is indeed present. Suddenly we find ourselves in the obligation to wear very boring and very disgusting compression stockings.

5. A simple stuffy nose can end up in trauma due to air pressure

Or worse: an ear infection.

6. You can end up alone, abandoned if you fall asleep during the flight

To think that once the plane has landed, everything is in place so that nothing or no one is left behind on a plane is wrong thinking. A short time ago, a passenger on an AirCanada flight woke up alone, in absolute darkness, in a plane that was visibly off and therefore cold. Your new worst nightmare.

After briefly contacting a friend on her cell phone, her cell phone battery dies and she finds herself without a solution because the electricity on the plane has been cut off.

Posted by M6 Info on Monday, June 24, 2019

7. Baby crying is more common on planes

It is known: the change in atmospheric pressure causes very unpleasant pain in the ears, hence the need to yawn or eat chewing gum. Imagine that these pains are much more pronounced in babies because the Eustachian tube, the canal connecting the ear to the pharynx, is not quite developed. This therefore considerably increases your chances of having a very bad flight if you have forgotten your earplugs.

Top 10 reasons to stop flying, we have plenty of arguments

8. According to statistics, 55% of people who fly will experience heightened emotions.

You wondered why you were so sad to leave Toulouse when you were so pissed off? Look no further: stress + dehydration + lack of oxygen = high sensitivity in mid-flight. That said, we have encountered no particular sensitivity in the trains so far.

9. Because we once found a big scorpion on a plane

If you think you’re safe and well compartmentalized in your little cabin, you’ve got your finger in the eye.

10. Because you’re bored packing a whole suitcase just to be emptied on the treadmills

Airport searches can be fatal for your freshly ironed little silk dresses or even for your son’s teddy bear that will have to be ripped with a knife to make sure there are not 7 kilos of cocaine in it. It’s ugly.

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