Top 10 reasons to shower at night, no more debating

There are two types of people: those who wash in the morning, and those who wash in the evening, and those who do not wash. So that’s three guys, but these latest fanatics don’t deserve our attention. Those who interest us are above all those who shower in the evening, those who have understood everything in life, those who open the doors of Paradise a little more each day. Here’s why they’re right:

1. Showering at night helps you sleep better

Yes, dear friends (we’re friends, huh?), taking a not too hot shower an hour before going to bed allows you to relax and lower your body temperature. And if you know anything about sleep science, you know that the human body needs to lose a bit of temperature to fall asleep. Suddenly, a small shower should help you to pioncer and thus avoid turning you over in your bed for ages while thinking back to the time when you pissed on yourself in CM2. Yes, we all did, don’t worry.

Top 10 reasons to shower at night, no more debating

2. Showering at night allows you to be clean in your sheets

If there’s one place you don’t want to puke, it’s your bed. Unless you’re the kind of sick person who keeps their shoes in bed and eats in them. If so, I’m not talking to you. For others, those who like cleanliness, know that showering at night minimizes the level of dirt that you will take under your duvet, and that’s still a little more significant on a daily basis.

3. Going to bed dirty is bad for the skin

Skin essentially regenerates when you sleep, and going to bed with all the gunk from the day puts a brake on that process. So if you have dry skin or acne, try showering at night and a bit of moisturizer, you should look at least Scarlett Johansson in a few weeks.

Top 10 reasons to shower at night, no more debating

4. Showering Before Sleep Calms Pollen Allergies

Among the best tips for those allergic to pollen, I can only recommend the one that consists of washing your hair at night. This has the effect of getting rid of the pollen accumulated in the hair during the day, which promises you a pleasant night where you can dream of kittens, Lotto winnings, even of me. Luck.

5. It’s better for hair hydration

In the morning we are in a hurry so we dry our hair with a hair dryer, which dries out the hair (yes that’s a lot of repetitions but you understood me) as well as the scalp. And that’s NOT GOOD. It is better to towel dry your hair, which keeps the hair hydrated, and for that you have a lot more time in the evening. After all, I advise you not to sleep with wet hair, unless you want to look like a lion the next day. Shower an hour or two before bedtime.

Top 10 reasons to shower at night, no more debating

6. Showering at night could reduce muscle cramps at night

Well, already, if you regularly have cramps at night, consider taking a magnesium cure. But also know that the hot shower in the evening relaxes the muscles and can prevent you from waking up at night feeling that your calf is clamoring for its independence and wishes to leave you forever. What an idiot this calf anyway.

7. It’s a time saver in the morning

Honestly, who has time to shower in the morning? Each time it makes us late and we have to arrive at work finding a big mytho not to be fired a third time in two years. No really, it’s much better to wash at night.

Top 10 reasons to shower at night, no more debating

8. In winter it warms up, in summer it cools down

The conditions for quality sleep are optimal. You can also consult these few tips for falling asleep, but it will never be worth a good shower at night.

9. It’s (probably) better for the planet

I know you: in the morning you are not fully awake and you stay in the shower for three hours, letting the equivalent of Chile’s annual rainfall run off until you wake up from your sleep. On the other hand, in the evening, you have better things to do than hang around under the fleet because Joséphine Ange Gardien will start soon, and therefore you save water. And that is beautiful.

Top 10 reasons to shower at night, no more debating

10. Jesus showered in the morning and that’s probably why he died at 33 broomsticks

Well I have absolutely no reliable source to prove it but I firmly believe in it. Besides, do you know what Jesus said on the cross? I do.

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