Top 10 reasons to put your children in the Scouts

So yes, I see you coming, gnia-gnia-gnia the Scouts are an old thing, a religious thing, their scarves are ugly and they always ask for presents at Christmas when we’re all broke. But, because yes, there is a “but”, the Scouts are not only that, and even if prejudices die hard (and to fight against these received ideas, we refer you to our top of the real true truths about the Scouts), there are still quite a few advantages to enrolling your child with them.

1. It costs less than the camp

A weekend at 10/15€, a week at 100 bucks (according to the SGFR), it’s still cheaper than a week of camp, and it will do good for your wallet which is as flat as ‘a pancake. So yes, it’s not free, but the prices are still relatively affordable.

2. He will make lots of friends

All those who will be in the same situation as him, namely those sent to the Scouts by their parents to learn something. It all creates links, you have to stick together.

3. He will know how to find his way around the forest

And that is still very practical. For the little city dweller that he is, it’s still cool to know how to recognize wild animals, find one’s way in a thick forest and distinguish deer droppings from dog droppings, he will raise himself a little culturally and stop embarrassing you at the next Agricultural Show by asking you if the cow he’s looking at is really a sheep.

4. He will learn to light a fire

And when we know that we’re all going to die soon because of climate change, and that soon we’ll all have to fend for ourselves in nature after the collapse of the world as we know it, well it’s very practical to have a kid who knows how to start a fire to cook a pot of pasta.

5. He will be happy not to take showers for several days.

During a week of camp, he will have to manage to wash himself with the means at hand, and will be very happy not to go through the “bath” box that he hates so much (not for nothing that in France we are super filthy ). For once, he will have the right to smell the old wet sock for several days, no one will hold it against him.

6. He will learn a lot of songs

“Petit âne gris” and other songs by Hugues Aufray, he will be unbeatable on the songs learned by heart around the campfire for the evenings, it will change a little from Master Gims, and everyone will be happy (especially you in fact ).

7. He is going to start a collection of scarves

Each time he moves up the rank, he will be entitled to a new scarf, and he will be very proud to be able to collect them and hang them on his bag. So yes OK, it’s ugly and it doesn’t go with anything, but it’s still better than a collection of Barça football shirts.

8. Finally, it’s not very bad

They’re still not the baddest, the Scouts. It’s still better than being in a gang or hanging out downstairs on the weekends. The scouts have nice missions, turned towards the others, that will perhaps teach him not to be too much a little prick anymore.

9. He will spend all his time outside

All his weekends, his vacations, he will be able to spend them in camp with his friends, playing treasure hunts in nature, preparing campfires, sleeping under the stars… In a world saturated by technology, it can only do him good to discover something else.

10. It will make you a bit of a vacation

Because while he’s in his camps, you can be a kid and that’ll give you a vacation. And that is still the number 1 advantage, isn’t it?

And you, did you register your kid with the Scouts? Were you there too?

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