Top 10 reasons to prefer unsalted butter to salted butter, salty is ugly

Let’s all go together and cheerfully repeat:

Salted butter is ugly.

Unsalted butter is very soft.

To you ! To you ! I can’t hear you, basically, there, Rennes. Let’s do it again: salted butter is ugly. Unsalted butter is so sweet!

Well, we’ll get there in the end. By each putting in a bit of their own, I promise you that we will succeed in obtaining a better world.

1. Salt is bad for your health

That’s already bim bam boom I just gave you the major argument of the defenders of your cells and your life expectancy and you’re not even on Doctissimo but click clac in your salted butter lover face, if you want we’ll sing to you psalms to the glory of salted butter at your funeral and we’ll put you in a vault with salted butter offerings when we’re still alive because we ate sweet butter.

2. If you really want to put salt in your butter, you can always

And yeah, you can then remove the Noirmoutier salt crystals from the salted butter one by one, it’s really a hassle because you have to have nimble fingers, but people who eat salted butter can’t be nimble because they are ugly sheep who have no taste for life.

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3. Salted butter is Breton

And so by eating it we play the game of the Breton mafia who try to put salt in everything, in caramel, in butter, in water, in oysters, everywhere, all the time, when it’s not beer and everything and that in addition they imposed Manau on us to try to obtain the independence of their region with a funny language when France is one and indivisible YES sir.

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4. Red butter recalls the worst hours of Stalinism

Ah yes, huh, we’re not going to start quibbling all the same, the guys who automatically go for the butter wrapped in a red wrapper are necessarily Stalinists who would like the gulag to be reinvented; Well, I’m telling you, if we reinvent the gulag, we’ll attract all salted butter lovers by sowing red clods like little thumb from Brittany to the gulag. And yeah. Well had.

5. Unsalted butter is very soft

Hein Loulou it’s sweet very sweet soft butter, sweet roudoudou a lot of taste we make toy cabbage owl with and it’s crazy love. I want to roll in it, that is to say.

But salted butter is ugly.

6. Why not pepper butter while we’re at it?


7. Because why not sweet butter WHILE WE’RE AT IT?

No, but aren’t you ashamed? Aren’t you ashamed? Sweet butter? Go ahead, put your kilo of sugar in the butter it will make us caramel. No, but you guys smoked, this story is nonsense, butter is soft, it’s a churn, it’s a lump, it’s all you want, but it’s just milk gone bad, no need for rotten additives. A shame.

8. Hitler loved salted butter (and it reminds us of dark times in history)

Definitive proof that salted butter plays into the hands of the national front and Matteo Salvini in Italy and also of the Hungarians and also of course of inflation in Venezuela without counting on the moment when we made the Inquisition in Spain and that it wasn’t pretty pretty, nor was the Rwandan genocide very glop either.

9. Either way, the Normans are the strongest

Hey Guillaume from Normandy does that mean anything to you? Because he was also called WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR, PROOF THAT HE WAS STRONG AND POWERFUL! While Patrick de Bretagne is just a car dealership in the Fougères region, which is sometimes nicknamed Patoche, but only when you’ve been drinking.

10. Because

With your permanent mania for wanting to discuss, for waiting for arguments and counter-arguments to be developed in a logical movement, you disgust me. You really piss me off. After a while it’s not very complicated, the game: I enact and you agree, otherwise everything goes down the drain and the door is open to all drafts and at night we Cold.

Anyone who likes salted butter is a fan of Manau.

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