Top 10 reasons to prefer the Pyrenees to the Alps, the Alps are for suckers

Alps or Pyrenees? For skiing, the debate is raging. Not enough tracks in the Pyrenees, nianianianianiania. But it’s nonsense, all that. The Pyrenees are real authentic mountains, not resort areas for wealthy Parisians (and paf paved in the pond). The reasons for going to the Pyrenees are legion; we intend to prove it.

1. It’s not far from the sea

Unlike the Alps which, of course, advance to the Italian lakes, but certainly not to the sea. From the Pyrenees, you can reach both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, which is a double reason to go to the South West rather than in the East. And boom. Good swim.

2. It’s also in Spain, which is way cooler than SWITZERLAND

We can play the match, huh, if you want. Spain: olive oil, good wines, tapas, Spaniards, Spanish guitar, Picasso, Goya, Rafael Nadal, Barça, Real, shall I continue? Switzerland: chocolate, watches, Roger Federer. Except for this last point, there is simply no picture.

Top 10 reasons to prefer the pyrenees to the alps, the alps are for suckers
Picture credits: Topito

3. The Canigou smashes Mont-Blanc

Already because it has a very cool name: the Canigou, unlike the Mont-Blanc, which has a name probably found by a 7-year-old child who was asked what he saw, that is to say a white mount. In other words, going to the Pyrenees means placing yourself on the side of class and style.

4. The Pyrenees, in my head, are brown, while the Alps are white

I like brown. It goes with everything. While white is messy, it quickly becomes beige, and beige is just a brown that doesn’t come together. I don’t really see the point of hanging around with colors that are not self-assuming.

5. The Pyrenean Shepherd is the most beautiful breed of dog in the world

What do they have in the Alps? The Shepherd of the Alps? Something too bad that looks like nothing? While the Pyrenean Shepherd, in addition to being handsome, friendly and laughing, has long hair that makes you want to ride on the mountainside with him.

Top 10 reasons to prefer the pyrenees to the alps, the alps are for suckers
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 3.0): No machine-readable author provided. KeJa~commonswiki assumed (based on copyright claims).

6. Ski resorts are less popular

Smaller, tighter, more authentic, the ski resorts are perhaps not the most prominent resorts in the world, but that is precisely what makes them so charming. We are happier there, the proof, we interviewed Albert, who has been coming there for years; So, Albert, how are you feeling? “I’m happy” he says.

7. The food is better here

South-West VS Savoie, there is no comparison. Eating a good confit is still more pleasant than a disgusting fondue, no offense to people who have bad taste. The food in the South West is probably the best in France and I don’t even want to enter into the debate on this subject.

8. Pau and Perpignan are so much nicer than Grenoble and Annecy

Just the sounds. Pau: we are dreaming! Perpignan: we escape! Grenoble! I have hemorrhoids. Annecy: I have dysentery. Well, it’s not very scientific, but the towns of the Pyrenees are very pretty, with their typical small town centers and their atmosphere of the South-West. Not to mention the little sun and the milder weather.

9. The welcome is more authentic and less bling bling

The Alps have become a Neuilly beyond the walls, with overpriced chalets, Hermès scarves and a local population entirely dedicated to tourism and money; the Pyrenees have managed to remain authentic, thanks to less frequentation and a slightly greater sense of welcome. The people are nice, we’re good, we eat well and we take our time. And we are not afraid of being attacked because we cannot find François Fillon BG.

10. You can go to Andorra, the biggest supermarket in Europe

We know you like open-air shopping malls. Just going to a principality is cool; but then leaving with almost free cigarettes is tip top.

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