Top 10 reasons to prefer Madrid to Paris

Strangely enough, Madrid seems to suffer from a lack of popularity with the French who often prefer to settle in Barcelona or Seville. However, Madrid is a very interesting capital. And on many levels. Certain voices do not hesitate to raise their voices to place it above Paris elsewhere. And not only because the tapas are delicious there…

1. Population density is less

5,437 inhabitants per km2 for Madrid against 20,545 inhabitants per km2 for Paris. In Paris, there are too many of us. We walk on the face all the time it’s unbearable. In Madrid, we breathe!

2. A pint of beer is cheaper

On average, you have to pay 6.70 euros for a pint in Paris compared to 4.60 euros in Madrid. Including on the terrace in the city center. And that goes for coffee too.

3. Gasoline is also cheaper

Even in times of crisis. And then it’s much easier to drive around Madrid, it’s important to point that out.

4. The Queen Sophia Museum is well worth the Louvre

We agree, the Louvre is one of the most beautiful museums in the world, if not the most beautiful. But it’s still shielded and it takes a week to really get around it. Regarding the Reina Sofia Museum, it’s different, even if the two museums do not play in the same category (the Madrid museum is dedicated to contemporary art) And then that’s where you can see the monumental Guernica by Picasso. In addition to other major works of course.

5. We breathe better in Madrid

Paris is in fifth position in the top 10 most polluted cities in Europe. Madrid are not even in the top.

6. Madrid still talks about it less than Paris

Paris maintains a very elitist image. Luxury, the 16th arrondissement, Place Vendôme, all that. Madrid is still more modest and ultimately, it makes a lot of difference. It feels better, it’s simpler and again, it’s much cheaper! And if you are looking for luxury, you can also find luxury.

7. Retiro Park

Paris has no shortage of green spaces, but none are truly as impressive as Retiro Park, right in the heart of Madrid. Created in the 1630s, it is full of statues and monuments and cultivates an art of living that is pleasant to adopt. Unesco was not mistaken in inscribing it on its list of world heritage.

8. The Malasaña district

It is in the heart of this enclave that the artistic movement of Movida was born. La Movida which, as a reminder, exploded after Franco’s death in the early 1980s, when the freedom-loving population was finally able to fully express themselves. A movement from which emerged key figures such as Pedro Almodovar, the photographer Ouka Leele, Victoria Abril or the cartoonist Ceesepe.

9. Madrid is cleaner than Paris

The French capital is regularly cited among the dirtiest cities in the world. The metro itself is often quite disgusting. In Madrid, it’s certainly not so clean that you want to taste your tapas directly on the sidewalk, but it’s already better.

10. It’s easier to find accommodation

We know that staying in Paris is hell. A family that could afford a 150 m2 house with a swimming pool in the Mulhouse region can barely afford a two-bedroom apartment (we’re simplifying). In Madrid, it was certainly better before, but the city still offers its share of opportunities for buyers or tenants. It may not last but for now, the Spanish capital remains more accessible.

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