Top 10 reasons to love the Bounty, this divine invention

We’ve already told you about the proof that gnocchi are delicious or the reasons to eat instant noodles because we deliberately avoided angry subjects like Chamonix or anchovies. Among these controversial foods is the Bounty, the reject of the Celebrations that no one likes. This chocolate will also disappear from boxes in England because of the hatred it provokes among worshipers of Celebrations, as announced by Mars on November 3, 2022. However, the Bounty has a little heart that beats and also deserves a little love.

1. Coconut is a fruit so it is necessarily good for your health

Of all the chocolate bars in the Mars group, the Bounty is the only one with a fruit flavor and it is important to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day. A whole coconut, we can say that it is equivalent to 5 fruits, right? According to the composition on the bag, there is still 20% dried coconut; a Bounty bar is 28.5g and a coconut is around 1.5kg. It would therefore take 268 Bounty to eat the equivalent of a whole coconut. Seems fun to me.

Top 10 reasons to love the Bounty this divine invention

2. There is no palm oil but cocoa butter

Unlike all the brand’s other confections, the Bounty does not contain palm oil. So of course you can keep destroying the planet and killing innocent monkeys. Or you can eat Bounty; peace cookie.

3. You leave the good stuff for others and you are appreciated by your friends.

Choosing the Bounty is like choosing the bad guy in your football team, you do it mainly to be nice. By eating the Bounty from the Celebration deck, you leave the Mars and the Twix to your friends who will remember this generous gesture. Like people who eat banana yogurt, you’re accommodating and easygoing. The only problem is that you will never be able to eat another chocolate again in your life since everyone will leave you the Bounty “because we know you like it”.

4. It’s a lot easier to eat than a coconut

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried bringing a coconut to the office to snack on while working, but it’s really not practical. It’s heavy, you make noise when you open it, you put float everywhere so that in the end there is almost no flesh inside. No really, it’s better to buy Bounty.

5. Nothing better than the fondant of chocolate on the roughness of coconut

The Bounty has the advantage of having several textures. You can let it melt, chew it or suck it in a weird way making disgusting sucking noises. Whatever one chooses, the mixture of chocolate and coconut, of sweetness and roughness, of sweetness and even sweeter… here is the recipe for happiness.

6. To be different from others

By buying Bounty, you deliberately choose the difference and adopt a life of marginality. Choosing the Bounty is like choosing the Pepsi Max when there is Coke next to it, nobody does that. If you like Bounty, it’s mainly because you want to be different from the others without getting too wet. You cultivate your difference so that it is pointed out to you and it’s a bit sad.

7. You can find bits of coconut in your teeth a few days later.

Super practical in case of a little peck: you have a slab breaker ready between your molars. If you dig a little deeper, you might even be able to find some melted chocolate.

8. This is the best ice cream bar

We talk a lot about classic chocolate bars but we quickly forget that ice cream bars are the real success of the Mars group. Whether it’s Twix, Mars, Snickers… all the bars have a very successful ice cream version. The best of all is obviously the frozen Bounty since it’s the only ice cream that has chocolate AND sorbet (coconut obviously).

9. It allows you not to be disappointed by opening your Advent calendar boxes

When starting their Celebrations Advent calendar, many people freaked out and caused a stir because the first 4 boxes were mini-Bounties. Indeed, it’s sad and disappointing but if you like the Bounty, everything is fine. Loving the Bounty therefore makes it possible to spend beautiful end-of-year celebrations.

10. You are friends with people who like liquorice from Haribo boxes

The Bounty is the equivalent of the licorice roll (or worse, licorice surrounded by colored marzipan) of Haribo candy boxes and that’s really not a compliment. Luckily, birds of a feather flock together, so you probably have a lot in common with people who love licorice if you love Bounty.

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