Top 10 reasons to love athletics, a sport where you don’t just jump high

It is an understatement to say that ordinary mortals, that is to say you, are not very interested in athletics outside of the Olympic Games. And I tell you you bunch of beggars, you are missing a lot of things. Athletics is one of the oldest sports practised, and if it still exists after all these years: it’s simply because it’s the most beautiful sport, period.

1. Athletics is one of the oldest sports, practiced in ancient Greece

Already for your personal culture (because you really need it), the word athletics comes from the Greek “athos” which means “combat”, and this refers to the art of surpassing oneself, but also of surpassing performance. of the opponent in speed, endurance, distance or height. And yeah it’s smack of phew, not like “football” which just means “foot ball”.Then, know that as the magnificent site explains very well Wikipedia “Running, throwing and jumping are natural gestures and, in fact, the concept of athletics goes back to time immemorial as confirmed by certain cave paintings from the Lower Palaeolithic period (60,000 BC)…” That’s it, athletics is the sport par excellence that has gone through the ages without transmitting complicated rules in bizarre stadiums.

2. The simplicity of the sport allows everyone to practice it (not like golf or skiing, those richou sports)

Athletics is a simple sport, that’s what made it so successful through the ages. So yes today, in modern athletics, there are a few rules that come to complicate everything a bit (and even more), but overall, there is not much to know before starting. Not much to know, but not much to have either. To race, you just need to be several, same thing to throw it, you just need to have something to swing and we’ll see who is the person who has the most strength. In short, athletics is one of the few sports practiced in many countries. VOILAAA is an AKSESSIBLE sport not like sports where you need crazy infrastructure and sick equipment.

3. Imagine that in France we are downright not yucky

Marie-Jo Perec, Renaud Lavillenie, Stéphane Diagana, Kevin Mayer, imagine that all these people are French. Marie-Jo Perec is a multiple Olympic medalist, long time world champion in her discipline, the long sprint (200m and 400m), Lavillenie is a pole vaulter who has long held the world record with 6m16, Stéphane Diagana has been world champion twice. 400m hurdles and finally Kevin Mayer holds the current decathlon world record and is the current world champion.

If you are interested in French sporting achievements, you will see that many come from athletics.

4. In a competition, you can watch many events at the same time

In a rugby match we only see rugby (and guys lose their teeth too sometimes), in football the same, but when we go to see an athletics meeting (that means “competition” in the jargon), we see LOTS of different events and that’s really cool.

Running, jumping, throwing, there are everywhere, as soon as one event ends another begins, sometimes there are even several at the same time, and it’s great we really don’t have time to be bored.

5. There are as many women as men

And yes, athletics is one of the most equal sports, that is to say that in practice it is (almost) 50/50, and in the media it is (almost, but not quite) 50/50 too. There are also mixed events (like mixed relays for example), not all sports can say the same.

6. It is an affordable sport

As a reminder, the athletics license and club registration cost nothing (about a hundred euros for the year depending on age and the club you join), and even if you want to go see a meeting, generally the prices are not exorbitant, for example the prices for a place at the Paris indoor meeting ranged from 10€ to 45€, you are not going to ruin yourself.

7. It’s super comprehensive and gives you the basics for any other sport

You’ve been doing athletics for many years and now you’re going to change sports? Know that your former career as an athlete will give you a solid foundation in just about every other sport.

In athletics, whatever the discipline, you are taught to run. Because yes, running fast can be learned and it’s not that simple. And in many sports, knowing how to run fast is a good thing (football or rugby for example). You will also develop a lot of qualities such as endurance, cardio, resistance and stress management (because running alone against lots of opponents, I promise you it is very stressful). Very important qualities in many other sports. Athletics, and especially running, is a very complete discipline that brings you to the best of yourself, and makes you a real sportsman (without any exaggeration).

8. Because you can do relay and that’s really amazing

The relay, everyone has done it at least once at school, and I think you could experience the enthusiasm that this sport caused. It’s all stupid, and yet the euphoria created by the relay is magic, whether it’s when you look or when you run.

We repeat it too often but remember Floria Guei’s comeback during the European Championships in 2014. Even those who don’t care about athletics had chills. Now imagine being Floria Guei and going up against all the other competitors to make your team win, that’s the beauty of this sport.

9. The 3x500m will seem like a lot of money after

Everyone speaks of this test of the sports baccalaureate as the worst invention of Man. But that’s because you wanted to be cool in high school and start smoking like your friend Léa, bunch of sheep. If you train a little, that you develop your cardio and your endurance by doing athletics, the 3x500m will no longer seem so difficult to you afterwards, you may even be able to enjoy the event.

So instead of destroying your lungs just to be cool, why not take a deep breath of fresh air and go for a run? (no, I am neither paid by the Ministry of Health nor by the FFA).


I think the title is clear and doesn’t need much more clarification. No, but seriously, seeing Usain Bolt running (ok, he stopped but even), or Renaud Lavillenie jumping, doesn’t that make you want to? In addition, if you put yourself in athletics you can show off by running faster than all your friends (unless you suck, but that’s another problem), it’s still stylish isn’t it? Nope…?

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