Top 10 reasons to live in Valencia, a bamboo city

When I say I come from Valencia people tell me “Ah but suddenly you are bilingual Spanish? » Nooooo it’s Valencia and not Valencia. We are talking about the city in the south of France! You know the one where the A7 motorway passes. A city far too forgotten. But I’m going to give you 10 reasons to come and live in Valencia, you won’t have any excuses afterwards! Besides, we are called the VALENTINOIS.ES not the Valençois! Thank you for respecting us a minimum!

1. We have Anne-Sophie Pic

She is still the most starred female chef in the WORLD!!! And that’s really class in Valence as they say! Do you have that in your cities? No, I do not think so !

2. The city has a great slogan: “My heart Valencia”

I think it’s the best slogan the earth has ever had. In addition there is a kind of statue with the writing ‘my heart Valence’ and you can take bamboo photos on it!

3. It’s close to everything!

Frankly Valencia is probably the best placed city. Already we are in the south, those who say the opposite are big big haters! We are called the gate of the sun in case you have forgotten… In short, we are next to the Ardèche, we have the sea not far away (about 2 hours by car) and we are next to a big city (good c is Lyon but that’s already it!). So we have all the advantages of being close without the disadvantages of living there!

4. Voted best place to drive! (much better than Paris)

Alleyyy! According to the Waze barometer (thank you) it is the city where the driving experience is the most pleasant, and I confirm. I’ve driven there so many times, I know it by heart and I love driving there (I’ve already said that.) Anyway, it’s always better than in Paris. (Good after I still advise you to avoid the roundabout of the color plateau.)

5. We have the Swiss

The Swiss is a little cake adored by everyone (it’s not true) which is the pride of Valentinois (it’s still not true). It’s really super good (still wrong). We advise you to taste (that’s true though!)

6. The student challenge

It is undoubtedly the best event every year in Valencia along with the summer festival. I will explain the principle to you. Valence has several schools (IUT, Esisar, Monplaisir, Briffaut, STAPS and so on). They each choose a theme and meet for sporting challenges. The goal: To win the most points for his school, but the atmosphere of the school, the choice of theme and the disguises count in the note. At the end during an evening the classification is revealed. The cup holders are currently the Esisar but there has been no Challenge for 2 years because of you know what…

7. Ravioli are a local specialty

Ravioli is just DE-LI-CIEUX. Be careful, it’s not disgusting canned ravioli. These are cute little pasta stuffed with cheese. They can be prepared in gratins, alone or on a pizza. I can already see you arriving with your “ni nie nie pasta on pizza it’s not done! » Already one you haven’t been asked for your opinion, two you don’t know until you’ve tasted it and three you put potatoes on the pizzas you have no lesson to give us. (In reality it’s not really from Valencia but they say everyone does).

8. There is the Johnny Hallyday look-alike

Only people living in Valencia will be able to understand who I am talking about. This person is Valencia’s mascot, everyone knows him. He looks a lot like Johnny and wears a t-shirt with his likeness, always has a beer in hand and dances often. Little anecdote: Once he was offered tickets to go see the real Johnny, he sold them to buy beers. We all love this guy!

9. Kevin Mayer is from there

Decathlon world record man!!! (he is also very handsome if we are honest). Well ok, he doesn’t quite come from Valence but from La Roche-de-Glun it’s almost the same. We are a bit of a big family with Valence, Bourg-lès-Valence, Saint Marcel-lès-Valence, La Roche-de-Glun and Romans-sur-Isère. Yes Yes.

10. Jouvet Park and the Champ de Mars

The place to be for bamb evenings in Valence! But also for a small family afternoon there are small fountains, small games for children. There is the bandstand and free concerts in the summer during the “sur les champs” festival!

I’m there too, and that’s probably one of the best reasons to come! In addition we also have Chabal and that’s not negligible, and still other places to play petanque! ‘got drunk’?

Signed: Célia In Bamb Bebew!

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