Top 10 reasons to live in Copenhagen, passion Denmark

Who has never wanted to set sail to try the adventure abroad? The problem is finding where to go. Is the grass really greener elsewhere? Well it seems that in Copenhagen, it is. At least when the grass in question is not covered with a thick layer of snow. Copenhagen, the welcoming city par excellence! Here’s why…

1. It’s one of the safest big cities in the world

Denmark regularly comes up in the rankings of the safest countries in the world. Logically, Copenhagen is too. A city in which the atmosphere is reassuring even if of course, it is still not recommended to walk around at 3 am with wads of cash in your pockets.

2. For the bike

Because you know in yourself that you don’t do enough sport, Copenhagen is a fantastic city. There, we cycle all the time. There are definitely more bikes than cars. And if sometimes, the streets are indeed a little congested by two wheels, despite the excellent facilities, it is still very pleasant to get some fresh air and pedal in the magnificent streets of Copenhagen.

3. The green side

Copenhagen is a big city (but not too big) but real efforts are made to preserve and maintain many green spaces. We breathe and it’s pleasant. For cycling, but also for strolling, shopping, relaxing with family or friends…

4. The kindness of the inhabitants

Ask anyone who has spent any time in Copenhagen: the people here are cheerful, friendly and helpful. With a big fat smile plastered on his face!

5. Lots to see

There is no shortage of occupations! Many museums, such as the Statens Museum for Kunst, dedicated to the fine arts, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the planetarium… In terms of monuments, it’s also a hit with several magnificent castles, the Børsen, the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, the statue of the Little Mermaid, the Opera… Impossible to get bored.

6. Gender equality

Copenhagen is like Denmark: here, equality between women and men is taken very seriously and on a daily basis, it shows.

7. For winter

What ?! Because it’s fun to stuff yourself with negative temperatures for long months, with snow, frost and all that goes with it? In Copenhagen yes, it’s fun! Because in winter, the city reveals a new face. Far from stopping, life adapts to warm events. And then Christmas in Copenhagen is fantastic!

8. Working conditions

It is recognized that working in Copenhagen is more pleasant than in many places. The salaries are high, the social assistance system is efficient, with locals and foreigners and basically, we understand completely why the city exerts such an attraction among young workers. And if you think it’s going to be complicated to learn Danish, don’t worry, everyone speaks English.

9. It’s bubbling

The local scene is incredible and is expressed through many festivals such as Roskilde or Copenhell (Danish Hellfest). Music but not only because the city is also perfect for street art and design. Between tradition and modernity, the capital is constantly moving, day and night, in all seasons.

10. For Happiness

The pursuit of happiness may be mentioned in the American Constitution, but it is nevertheless in Denmark, and therefore in Copenhagen, that this quest is really taken seriously. Well, ok, in 2019, the country moved to second position in the ranking of the happiest nations in the world (in favor of Finland), but it does not matter because it is in Denmark that we have invented hygge, a concept of life advocating well-being…

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