Top 10 reasons to leave your children’s room in a mess

We have to admit, when it comes to cleaning as a whole, we can’t say that we identify with Monica (from Friends, a series that didn’t go too badly, I don’t know if you see) cleaning his big vacuum cleaner using the mini wireless hand-held vacuum cleaner… Cleaning is not really our delirium so we don’t go any further getting stuck in the children’s room, seriously? The good news is that there are plenty of reasons not to.

1. Letting your child tidy up their room promotes their autonomy

Whether or not you are a follower of the Montessori method, you might as well draw inspiration from it in this case. A child who learns to do things at his own pace is a parent who begins to think that the term “lifelong minion” that was written in indelible marker on his forehead from the moment of motherhood may be beginning to fade away. The whole thing is to ensure that the storage is within reach of children, of course. It is sure that if you had the genius idea to decree that the place of ALL the toys was located 3 meters above the ground, you will not have to come and complain that it is you-who-do-everything -in-that-house-that-you-didn’t-sign-for-that-and-blablabla.

Top 10 reasons to leave your children's room in a mess

2. Brothel promotes creativity

It sounds like an adage invented by messy people, supported by a Finnish study (“according to a recent study, people who never tidy their desks are more likely to be happy and deserve a double dose of dessert in the canteen” (no it’s wrong this study does not exist)). Still, it’s true, everyone knows it’s true. Point.

Top 10 reasons to leave your children's room in a mess

3. Better a bit of a mess than a drastic “vacuum tidying up”

Admit that if you really put your nose in your children’s room, question of taste, it would be quite a building site: we fire all the multicolored toys that spin a headache, we throw away the noisy stuff and then also all the objects whose batteries seem not to work. never wear out. Trash direction.

Fortunately, we are not animals, so let’s stay in this status quo where I don’t throw away your toy and you won’t tell your father that we spent the morning watching the cartoons. It’s give-and-take.

4. In 7 minutes it will be a mess again

Frankly, it would have been quicker to fill an Olympic pool with pipettes of saline solution. At least on arrival, we would really enjoy the fruit of our efforts and we would swim in a pool with a very appreciable salty taste.

5. The “battlefield” style protects against burglaries

If your children’s room is one of the first rooms you come across when you get home, jackpot! Seeing the ground littered with upturned boxes, toys, clothes, and objects whose purpose you yourself don’t know would dissuade the most zealous of prowlers. The guy will just think he got passed and pass this time.

6. Chaos can foster the birth of a 6th sense

Well yes, you never know, eventually, it must surely allow you to fully develop your 5 senses or even bring out a new one. Why not a great audition like Louis de Funès aka Don Sallust in Megalomania who, just to the sound of gold coins being poured near him in a small dish when he wakes up, is capable of pronouncing this famous line: “One is missing! “. Go do the same thing with a contactless credit card… In short, all that to say that the brothel in the bedroom can teach you how to count your coins (I lost my train of thought but you get the idea).

7. The mess camouflages your misdeeds

Well it’s true, we said we weren’t stupid. But we’re still humans, right? So if your child hasn’t developed a keen sense of instant room scanning, chances are he won’t realize with all the mess around him that you’ve made that toy disappear whose mechanism was damaged or whose batteries you never changed.

8. His room, his territory

Even before adolescence. As soon as the child is no longer a baby, it is completely normal to make him understand that his room is his own space. Respecting that also means respecting the tiny individual growing up under your roof. And if you can’t stand to see his room so messy, we’re sure there are plenty of other rooms in the house that you can go and polish if you want.

Top 10 reasons to leave your children's room in a mess

9. If the floor mat is visible you are good for 45 min of vroom vroom

Yes, the problem with a room that is too open where you can clearly see the floor mat is that said mat very often represents a kind of racing circuit and you are not given 10 seconds before being requisitioned to play cars on it…

10. It’s good for scientific research

This small crop of mushrooms that took shape between the piece of dead leaf picked up in the street and the old hunk of bread that passed under your radar will perhaps initiate the beginnings of a great scientific advance! After all, aren’t most great discoveries the result of chance? Of course, we would like it not to be the discovery of a new mega toxic disease that causes a new pandemic… oupsi!

11. Everyone has their own logic!

Let’s stop being in denial: children don’t have the same logic as us and whatever you do, the Rubik’s cube will always mysteriously land in the wooden stove while the big soft toy in the shape of broccoli will take up all the space in the dollhouse whose entire furniture ended up in the box in the shape of a lego head. Why struggle?

Top 10 reasons to leave your children's room in a mess

12. Ranger is not a snap

If you can’t help yourself from tidying up your kids’ room for them, they’ll soon get used to you doing everything for them. So OK, snapping your fingers to tidy up your room, it works with Mary Poppins but on the other hand you have to stuff yourself with the song that goes with it (and by the way the worst literal translation of all time), repeat with us: “Just a sugar cube that helps the medicine flow…” Uh… what?

13. Delegating to animals the Disney way: bad idea

If not for tidying up, there is also the classic method from Disney where the mice and the birds of the forest help you get dressed and basically do all the work for you. But besides the big scam for them, if we transpose that to the urban world with pigeons, rats and cockroaches arriving, it’s downright anxiety (and it gives a tasty scene in the Disney film full of second degree ” Once upon a time” with Amy Addams and Patrick Dempsey)!

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