Top 10 reasons to have a baby after 35, a little patience

When you decide to have a child, you know that you will have to sacrifice a lot of things in your life, starting with your mental health and your social life. You have to be realistic guys, if making a child is quite simple (remember your SVT classes), raising it is not really easy easy every day. We often hear our parents or grandparents say “me, at your age, I already had three children”. Youpi huh, but you can also take your time, that’s really good too.

1. Wait to meet your safe partner

We’re not going to lie to each other, having a child is a huge tsunami that tumbles through your life. For the first few months, you may feel like you’re locked up in Guantanamo and being tortured by waking you up every 3 hours. So if you’re not sure of your other half, it might get even hotter. Not to mention that you have to share at least the same educational values, at the risk of sintering yourself for the next 18 years, minimum.

2. We have fewer illusions

Before, we said to ourselves that we wanted our child to be beautiful, intelligent, sociable, that he would only eat vegetables and never candy, and that television is demonic. Now, we tell ourselves that if he is in good health, it is already huge, and that everything else will be done gradually. You saw how your friends had struggled with their kids, you know a little more what to expect for real.

3. You can take a step back from your own education

Normally, if you wait until you are in your thirties before having a kid, you have had time to settle all your problems with your own parents, and take a step back from the education they gave you. Psychoanalysis is your friend, and family reunions seem easier to manage. You will be able to put the kibosh on your mother more easily when she wants to invest herself a little too much in the education of your heir.

4. We wait for the right moment

>When you’re 20, you tell yourself that it’s too early, that you have too much to live. When you’re 25, you tell yourself that you’re waiting to find the perfect dad to procreate. When you’re 30, you wait for your career to really take off. And at 35: bam, it’s time. If the desire for children is still there after all these years and the planets are aligned, we say to ourselves that it is time, that we are ready. Spoiler: we’re never ready, but that’s what’s cool.

5. We had time to enjoy

Parties until 5 am, hangovers that last 3 days, trips on the spur of the moment… I’m not saying that you don’t have any after 35, but it’s still less frequent. By having a child later, you will no longer have the impression of missing out on your youth, because you will have had time to live it, without having a kid glued to your coattails.

6. Our career is already launched

When you have a kid, your priorities are elsewhere. It’s hard to invest yourself totally in a job, body and soul, not to count your overtime hours, when you know your baby is waiting for you at home and you’re missing out on special moments with him. Of course, it is downright feasible to reconcile a great career and a child, but one of the two will inevitably be more injured. After 35 years, your career is launched, you have experienced what you wanted to experience in your job, you can now focus more on your baby, and enjoy coming home earlier to see him.

7. We had time to save

Having a child costs money, we’re not going to lie to each other. Even if you’re the king or queen of tricks to nab promos and private sales, it still sucks. If you take the time to have a child, you may have a little more time to save and put some money aside. Or not eh, I’m not your banker, I don’t judge.

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8. We are not the first to have children in our group of friends

You will not be the one who launches the fashion for babies among your friends, and who is gradually ousted from the evenings that they continue to organize without you, these big bastards. No, you do this after everyone else, and you can benefit from their advice to continue drinking while breastfeeding, or have the numbers of super baby-sitters, already tested and approved.

9. We inherit all the childcare stuff from friends

There are no small maggle savings. And not having to buy a 60-bucks deckchair because your childhood friend has one to give you is handy, let’s face it. It also works for the bags of clothes you’re going to receive, strollers, toys… Having a kid over 35 is a real solution for all stingy people.

10. We think more about retirement

Before, you wanted to have children to transmit something, values, education, etc. Now, the age is advancing, and you tell yourself above all that you will need someone to push your wheelchair. Making a kid is an investment, already he won’t pay his rent for at least 18 years, he can at least take care of his parents when they get old and boring.

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