Top 10 reasons to go to Cordoba, long live Andalusia and sangria

There are reasons why we are very angry with Spain, like the existence of Kendji Girac. And then, there are reasons why we really like Spain, like the existence of sangria, 30° almost all year round and above all, the existence of ANDALUSIA. The region is incredible, we have already made a top on it to praise its merits, but we would very much like the tourist office of Andalusia to give us lots of money so we decided to add a layer of it. Today, head for Cordoba, the northern Andalusian city, to see what it has to offer.

1. Visit the Alcazar

The Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos is one of the EMBLEMATIC symbols of Cordoba. Everyone knows the Alcazar of Seville and far fewer people know its Cordovan sidekick, which is however very far from zero. It’s beautiful, it’s flowery, you can do photoshoots in the garden, what more could you ask for?

2. See the Mezquita

The Mezquita is one of the unique monuments of the entire Islamic West. First it was a Roman temple, then it became a church, then it ended up being a mosque. The building has been so many things at once that it wouldn’t even surprise us if it had become a nightclub. It would have disappointed us, but it wouldn’t have surprised us. The Christian/Muslim cohabitation is still rather touching, and we love the Mezquita for that (if anyone wants to take an example from it).

3. Eat salmorejo

Yes, the food comes in third point of my top, and THEN? Salmorejo is THE Cordoba specialty, and it is a cream made from bread crumbs, garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, raw ham and eggs. It’s super good (although very heavy) and it’s really the thing to taste in Cordoba, the Messi of Barça, the meat of the hamburger, the essential thing, what. Afterwards, there are a lot of other incredible tapas such as patatas bravas, tortillas de patatas (you will have understood, I rather like potatoes) and Iberian ham.

4. See the horse show in the stables of Cordoba

The stables of Cordoba have existed since 1570 and have housed the breeding of the famous horses of Andalusia. Today, spectators can go there several evenings a week to enjoy the show and go “Wowwwww” every time something happens.

5. Take selfies on the Puente Romano

Afterwards, you don’t have to ONLY take selfies, eh, it’s only a suggestion because all tourists do that, but you can very well cross it or just admire its atypical architecture, that’s fine also. Moreover, for the anecdote, the Bridge was used in Game Of Throneswhich makes it a real star.

6. Stroll through the Juderia

La Juderia is the Jewish and historic quarter of Cordoba. The place is classified as a UNESCO heritage site, which proves that it is beautiful (more beautiful than you, in any case, because you are not classified as a UNESCO heritage site as far as I know), we You can see beautifully decorated patios, flamenco dancers shouting things you don’t understand, and I think the description is enough to make your mouth water.

7. Go to bars

Of course that’s one of the reasons to go to Cordoba. Already, because right now, there is no longer a curfew and bars and clubs close at 2 a.m. (which is already much better than France), but also to be able to enjoy a sangria, or, even more typical, a tinto de verano, red wine mixed with lemonade which is really excellent and costs next to nothing. In Spain, alcohol is much cheaper than in France, so if that doesn’t convince you to spend your night in bars, I don’t know what will. My advice: The Sojo Ribera, which has a decor that is really too cute and too Instagrammable.

8. Go swimming in the baños caliphales

Vestiges of the baths and hammams of Cordoba, the Baths of the Caliphate are divided into 9 rooms and are in the largest baths in Europe. During the day, we bathe (in the hammams dedicated to that), in the evening, we can attend flamenco shows (where we still don’t understand what they are shouting, by the way). Very practical for swimming in a city where the lack of proximity to the sea is felt on days when it is 35°.

9. Go to the baños de Popea

Another place where you can swim, and this time outside and much better than the hammams. The baños de Popea is a hike on a rather dangerous and dead end road, to lead to a jungle where you can get lost in two minutes, which leads to a river where you can (a little swim). The description may not be too enticing (Andalusia’s tourism agency is going to sue me), but in reality it’s cool.

10. Visit the rest of Andalusia

So it’s not REALLY the thing to do when you’re in Córdoba, but thanks to the Córdoba train station, you have fairly easy access to all the other cities in Andalusia (or even Spain) which all have , they also have things to offer (whether it’s Seville, Granada, or so many others).

In short, long live tapas, long live sangria, long live Andalusia, long live Spain and long live Gérard Depardieu (but that has nothing to do with Spain).

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