Top 10 reasons to go see Les Vedettes, the new Palmashow film

1. Laughing increases life expectancy

To live happily and for a very long time, you have to laugh often and by going to see Les Vedettes, you guarantee yourself at least 30 minutes of uncontrollable laughter. So of course, you think I’m exaggerating, but remember some of the Palmashow sketches: they have a sense of humor that kills your ass.

2. TV show parodies are great.

When the two losers Daniel and Stéphane decide to participate in game shows, we suspect that everything will not go as planned and honestly, we are not disappointed. Whether it’s the game where you have to guess the prices or the one where you have to remember the words, everything is well done and we laugh every time.

Top 10 reasons to go see les vedettes, the new palmashow film

3. Simplement Dan’s music video is a masterpiece of French heritage

If you like Palmashow parodies, you’ll love the character of Daniel, a singer who has never made it big and has ONE song in his repertoire: Need to Sing. Luckily Stéphane is there to shoot him a nice clip with effects worthy of a 5th grade PowerPoint presentation.

Top 10 reasons to go see les vedettes, the new palmashow film

4. Julien Pestel has once again a hilarious role

Julien Pestel is one of the favorite actors of the Palmashow and we are always delighted to find him. In David and Grégoire’s latest film, he played the role of Warrant Officer Pichon, a sadistic and slightly overzealous non-commissioned officer. 5 years later, he again plays a villain in the Stars: the programming manager of a TV channel who does not hesitate to use the people around him to obtain satisfaction. He is cruel, yes, but also so funny.

5. You will inevitably recognize members of your family

The characters are really funny and it’s not hard to liken them to people you know. There’s Daniel (a frank and very lazy guy) and Stéphane (the far too impressionable employee of the month) but also all the others: the nephew who thinks he’s a rapper, the neighbor who loves to get involved in what doesn’t don’t look and the super hypocritical colleagues. There are bound to be members of your family in the pile.

6. It makes you want to know if the TV presenters are really nice in person

Unsurprisingly, the TV presenter who looks super nice and is adored by his fans in the film turns out to be a huge jerk. So inevitably, we have the right to wonder if our favorite TV presenters are really nice. Maybe they’re all hateful and laugh at our dirty faces in the selfies with them that we post on Instagram

Top 10 reasons to go see les vedettes, the new palmashow film

7. You’ve always dreamed of participating in a TV game, it’s a bit like that

In truth, you have always wanted to participate in a TV game; you even sent the form for Intervilles when you were a child. The problem is that you don’t really want to tell Nagui about your life and lose in front of thousands of people. With “Les Vedettes”, you can experience this pleasure by proxy (it’s not as good, but you’ll be less ashamed).

Top 10 reasons to go see les vedettes, the new palmashow film

8. If you liked “La Folle Histoire de Max et Léon”, you will necessarily like “Les Vedettes”

In 2016, a war comedy even funnier than “The 7th Company” was released: “La Folle Histoire de Max et Léon”. If you haven’t seen it yet, we advise you to make yourself comfortable for 98 minutes of bar fun. After that, you will take your ticket directly in the front row for “Les Vedettes”.

9. It comes out in February, a very sad winter month where we will need moral support

No offense to Aquarius and Pisces, February is the worst month of the year. We have nothing more to celebrate, the luminous decorations disappear from the houses and we peel them all day long. In fact, the release of this film may be our only source of entertainment. With Candlemas.

10. You are never disappointed by the Palmashow

We love you guys, would it be possible to have a signed photo? Or a selfie?

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