Top 10 reasons to give Benzema the Ballon d’Or right away

When we tell you that we are on the verge of having the 5th French Ballon d’Or, it’s not a joke. Benzema has never been so close to the goal. Why wait ? It sucks to wait. So here are some small recommendations for UEFA, so that the Golden Ball debate is over before it even begins.

1. Because he was validated by Ronaldo, the real one

R9, Il Fenomeno said in an interview on the Twitch channel of Christian Vieri (former Italian player), that according to him, Benzema was currently the best striker in the world (although he specifies that “Lewandowski is very close”).

If one of the greatest strikers of all time, living legend R9, validates his talent, I think KB9 can legitimately claim the golden ball title. After I say that, I say nothing.

2. Three goals against PSG, three goals against Chelsea in the 8th and quarter-finals of the Champions League

Two hat-tricks in the space of two games, yeah, that’s not bad. KB9 had done very badly during the return match against PSG (we remember), and knew how to take advantage of the emotion of the Parisians to hit them with a club. And bah he continued against Chelsea by registering a hat-trick AGAIN. If that doesn’t deserve a golden ball, you might as well stop watching football.

3. He is the oldest goalscorer to break the 10-goal mark in the Champions League

We always talk about precocity records “gneugneu is the youngest scorer of I don’t know what”, could we have a little respect for our elders two minutes (yes I denounce)??

Benzema at 34 is the oldest French goalscorer to break the 10-goal mark in the Champions League (a record he shares with Just Fontaine), and yeah mate, he’s old (for a football player), but he has nothing to envy to youngsters.

4. He’s racing Lewandowski for the top scorer in the Champions League (and will surely win)

His main rival in the conquest of the golden ball this year is none other than the Polish Lewandowski who also distinguished himself with Bayern. Lewandowski was still ahead of Benzema in terms of Champions League goalscoring, but with Bayern’s recent exit to Villarreal and Real’s qualification, I think it’s only a matter of time for Benzema to catch up. this small gap (only one goal difference).

5. He is the most decisive player for his club

In terms of stats, Benzema is the most decisive player for his team. With 37 goals in 36 games in all competitions and 13 assists, he has never had such good stats in his career. And we remind that the Champions League is not over (do we really have to remember it?), so KB9 still has time to reach the top.

6. The rule change for the Ballon d’Or favors the Frenchman

The rules for the golden ball have changed: the results are no longer based on the calendar year (January to December), but on the football season (August to July), which seems more logical.

What’s cool is that Benzema won’t have to wait for the World Cup results and could be awarded the Golden Ball straight after this magnificent season with Real.

7. The elimination of PSG and Bayern will be favorable to him in the race

As we know and as we have said enough, KB9 has treated PSG like messy Champions League players, which makes the Golden Ball inaccessible for our dear Mbappé. It is now the same thing with Lewandowski: the elimination of Bayern in the quarter-finals will play in favor of the Madrid player. It remains to be seen what the quarter-final return between Liverpool and Benfica will give, because we must not forget that Mo Salah could also be in the race for the golden ball.

8. He had no trouble replacing CR7

“Gneu gneu what will become of Real without Ronaldo…gneu gneu they will die without him”, repeat that to KB9 who has just asserted his talent since the departure of the Portuguese star.

Since the departure of CR7, Benzema walks on water (yes like Jesus, or Moses I don’t know anymore) and carries his team. We can say that for him this departure was a good thing in the end.

9. This is the last generation 87 diamond

Do you remember Hatem Ben Arfa, Jérémy Ménez or Samir Nasri? Well yes of course you remember. Like Benzema, all these players are part of the 87 generation, unfortunately even if there were small and big potentials, Benzema is the only remaining diamond of this generation.

10. It would be nice if he had a title before Mbappé grabs all the next ones

There is a lot of talk about Mbappé, rightly, as the next best player in the world, if not the best player in the world. Nevertheless, the young Parisian, even if he breaks many records, including precocity records, cannot really claim the title this year given the PSG season.

Good for KB9 who is already 34 years old, Mbappé will have plenty of time to catch up later (and then it’s not bad to share too).

11. Bonus: he’s the only one who still has a line in his eyebrow and/or in his hair in 2022

In fact, the debate should stop there, he’s the only one with whom it’s going more or less well, and that’s a real feat. Try it on yourself, you’ll see, it’s filthy.

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