Top 10 reasons to get married instead of getting married, marriage is for suckers

So that’s it, we would like to make it official. We would like to make a gesture to give an administrative dimension to this hitherto sinful union, but we are too lazy to send little scented cards indicating a date, a place and the word marriage. We are quite right. The PACS is marriage without the hassle.

1. It’s much easier to organize

But much much simpler. All you have to do is make an appointment at the magistrates’ court and fill out the paperwork. A clerk checks all that and HOP we are PACS. You can even request the organization of a ceremony at the town hall. That’s it, done, folded. Then, if you want to make inheritance arrangements, you can write a will for each other. Almost like a wedding.

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2. You don’t have to pay a notary for the marriage contract

You can, eh, but it’s generally useless. There are different types of PACS in terms of property division and debt solidarity which work very well on their own and therefore do not require the intervention of a private third party. Voila voila.

3. You can party just as much, but with a lot less pressure.

You can therefore organize a small ceremony in the town hall and nothing prevents you from planning a big party like at a wedding. Except that if on the contrary you don’t want to do something big, nobody will tell you anything. But if you get married in screud, people won’t understand. So you can give the event the importance you want, without social pressure.

4. You have almost all the advantages of marriage.

Except adoption: in the case of a PACS, the adoption is made by one of the parties, not jointly. For the rest, it is very close: the priority of transfer in order to follow the spouse for the civil servants is the same, the ditto tax advantages, the benefit of the social coverage of the partner also, the exemption from inheritance rights too. It’s very close.

5. It’s immediate

If you want to pacser, you can do it in the week. In total, a PACS signature lasts 15 minutes and is effective recdi.

6. It is not necessary to live together

In theory, it is compulsory to live with your PACS partner, but in reality it suffices to declare a common residence, which can be with one or the other. This is much easier and more flexible than marriage.

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7. One does not preclude the other

If you marry the person with whom you are in a PACS, the PACS is automatically dissolved. So if it’s a first step towards a marriage, it doesn’t jeopardize the prospect of said marriage.

8. There is no loyalty obligation

Where the marriage specifies an obligation of fidelity, which implies that the divorce can be pronounced at the request of a deceived partner, the PACS does not include references to moral imperatives. We can therefore consider not that we can do what we want, but at least that society does not have to dictate the way in which we wish to organize our lives.

9. Dissolving the PACS is much simpler than divorce

It suffices to send a paper to the clerk of the competent administrative authority and the dissolution will be effective. No hearing, no lawyer, no fees. In addition, one of the parties can unilaterally dissolve the PACS by sending this letter to the clerk and by sending a letter of explanation to his partner. Packed it is weighed.

10. It’s so much cooler than marriage

Well yeah it’s too cool to be in a civil union, it’s too modern, whereas people were already doing it in the year 1000. Honestly, nuptials are SO Dostoyevsky, it’s annoying.