Top 10 reasons to boycott the World Cup in Qatar

In 2022, the FIFA World Cup is to be held in Qatar. In principle, we have nothing against it. But as we have known for several years, there are many elements that are wrong and that make this event a real scandal. Whether for ethical or sporting reasons, this World Cup is an aberration, and we would all do well to say no to it. Especially when you see the figures published by The Guardian… We will rather meet in 2026.

1. Thousands of workers died on World Cup sites

Many of them die of cardiac arrest related to heat stress. To put it another way, they die because they are made to work for 10 hours in the middle of a 45° dodger. There are around 2700 deaths between 2012 and 2018, which is just a huge carnage. Participating in the World Cup or watching its matches on TV also means supporting that.

2. Qatar masks all these accidental deaths as “natural deaths”

This was recently revealed by The Guardian. Qatar does not perform autopsies on migrants who died on construction sites and therefore declares that they died naturally. It’s still a big joke when you know the conditions under which they work people who are just trying to survive and have no choice but to work here.

3. The rights of workers, in general, are not respected there

In addition to hiring underpaid immigrants and making them work in extremely hot conditions, Qataris flout their rights by sometimes making them work up to 14 hours a day and eliminating their breaks. Do we want to approve that? No, we don’t want to.

4. It is unclear whether Kafala is still tolerated or not

Kafala is a kind of rule that binds an expatriate worker to his boss, and places him more or less under the supervision of this boss. The employer can therefore abuse the situation of his employee, by preventing him from leaving or by not paying him. Qatar announced that it wanted to abolish this practice in 2016, but a year ago it still existed and many workers were paying the price. Today, we do not really know where it is, but anyway it lasted too long.

5. Qatar is building huge stadiums that are likely to remain unused after the Cup

We are talking about a country that is not particularly interested in football and that does not usually fill this kind of stadium. So it’s all very well to build these architectural monsters for an event (with all the deaths of workers we’ve already talked about), but if it’s to do nothing more afterward, it’s downright absurd. Apparently one of the eight stadiums is fully removable and recyclable, but that means the other seven aren’t and it’s just a publicity stunt.

6. The Cup will take place between November 15 and January 15

For obvious reasons of excruciating heat in the summer, the event is shifted to the winter so players don’t die on the pitch. It’s good. Except that we are going to have to watch the matches in the middle of winter and that we are going to freeze our loaves. Traditionally, the World Cups take place between June and July, and matches can be celebrated outside naked. What are we going to do when it’s -5° here and we want to celebrate a hat-trick for M’bappé against Germany? We’ll do it in a down jacket, with a glass of mulled wine in hand, and that sucks.

7. It’s going to screw up the mess for other football competitions

It’s nice to postpone the World Cup because of the heat, but normally footballers play in clubs between mid-November and mid-January. The French championship, for example, will surely have to start earlier at the end of July 2022, and finish later in the summer of 2023. It will be even more of a mess in other championships, such as the Premier League. This is also why we have always put the World Cups in the summer and it was good like that.

9. The country asked LGBT people to be discreet during the event.

And by discretion it means “you don’t kiss, huh? which once again reveals how taboo (and above all illegal) homosexuality is in the country. The head of security at the world said that for their safety homosexuals should keep a low profile so as not to be attacked by other people in the public. Good atmosphere in the stadium.

10. Relationships outside marriage will be prohibited under penalty of imprisonment

Except if you’re married, you shouldn’t expect any trouble during the World Cup, and that will also apply to players since no exception will be tolerated. Not only is homosexuality illegal in the country, but relationships outside of marriage are also, and it can go up to seven years in prison if you give in to your base instincts.

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