Top 10 reasons not to give birth in January, the worst month of the year

So I see you coming. You’re going to say “gnia-gnia-gnia, every month, you make a top on the good reasons not to give birth this month, gnia-gnia-gnia”… well, know that you’re perfectly right, it’s well what we do. But maybe the truth in all this is that you shouldn’t give birth at all? It gives you a bit of a bite, doesn’t it? And what are you going to do? Well, you’re not going to do anything.

1. It’s the most depressing month of the year.

The Christmas gifts are over, it’s cold, the days are still far too short, we’re starting a new year without knowing where the previous one went, nah frankly there’s a better atmosphere. Do not be surprised if your kid becomes a sinister and cold character.

Top 10 reasons not to give birth in January the

2. Gift level, your child will be harmed

Because just before there were the holidays, and all his life he will hear “you were very spoiled at Christmas, we preferred to give a big gift to cover everything”. Nah, but what form of stinginess is that? Not to mention that in terms of birth gifts, you can scratch yourself too, everyone is broke there.

3. He will have to go to an extra year of nursery

Surely the worst thing about kids at the start of the year is that they are “too small” to go to school, and when they reach the official age, they will be totally in advance, and will be pissed off with the little ones. Too good to have the buttocks between two seats, good atmosphere.

4. He will be forced to have a birthday party indoors

While the kids who were born in spring or summer can organize something crazy in a park or a garden, yours will be confined to an apartment because it will be -2 degrees outside, it will rain, it will will snow, in short, no time to let off steam outside. The injustice is total.

Top 10 reasons not to give birth in January the

5. You spent all the holiday season pregnant up to your eyes

Without being able to booze, eat oysters, fall asleep after 11 p.m., nothing, nothing, nada. You will have had only birth gifts for your kid and nothing for your apple, and the only New Year’s wishes you will receive will be “and good childbirth, eh! “. Great, thank you very much.

6. We talk to you about good resolutions, while you just ask for more hours of sleep

All your friends throw out their good resolutions with “I’m going to play sports”, “I’m going to drink less”, “I’m going to eat healthy” and “I’m going to quit smoking”, and you are the only thing you wish for this new year is to be able to sleep more than two hours in a row without having to get up to spin a bottle to the little being you have just given birth to.

7. Your maternity suitcase is even bigger.

Because in winter, well it’s cold (yes I know, it’s surprising as info). Suddenly, your maternity suitcase is huge, filled with sweaters for you, fleece footmuffs and pilou-pilou pajamas for your baby. And all that, well, it takes up space.

8. Everyone is sick around you

It’s the famous month when everyone has either gastro, or the flu, or a cold, angina, or even all at the same time. And you panic at the idea that your tiny baby might catch something like that and you refuse to let your friends pass the door of your house, in doubt.

9. Taking him for a walk in the snow, this hassle

Because you’ll always ask if he’s warm enough under his 6 fleece blankets, and the snow makes you slippery. Already at the beginning, the maneuver of the stroller can be difficult, but then there under the snow it is limited to an extreme sport, it is a blow to break your margoulette.

10. He may share his birthday with Christophe Castaner

If ever your kid is born on January 3, he will have the chance, what am I saying, the immense joy of sharing his birthday with the Minister of the Interior, Casta for his friends. If that’s not giving him a boost for the future, I don’t see what is.

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