Top 10 reasons not to give a fashionable name to your child

It’s not for lack of giving you the list each year of the most popular first names. We worked for you eh, we tried to give you a blow in this HUGE decision. But no, you persist in wanting to give your baby a name that is identical to the one that 90% of other newborns have. We’ll tell you why it’s not a good idea, then do what you want.

1. A bit of originality damn it

Aren’t you tired of Emma and Leo? They’re everywhere, it swarms like daisies in a meadow in the spring (well, be careful, it’s all borderline poetic). Don’t you want to be a little original? Good after if your thing is to blend in with the crowd, go for it huh, but you won’t have to regret it afterwards. That said, not too much originality anyway; children who have a first name that is too original still have pretty bad lives in college: just imagine the life of Dior Gnagna.

2. You will struggle to find him at the park

“Louise, where are you? Gaspard, where are you hiding? If you shout this sentence in the park or in a supermarket, you can be sure that you will have 4 or 5 kids who will appear as if by magic, coming out of a grove or from behind a tree. Well yeah, they are all called the same, what did you expect?

Top 10 reasons not to give a fashionable name to your child

3. They will call him by his last name at school or daycare

Because there will be 12 Emma and 6 Louis, so good, the ATSEM will always end up calling them by their surname to distinguish them. And frankly, being called by your last name, especially if it’s ugly, can leave a trauma, it’s not negligible.

4. If it is, all his friends will be called like him

As long as you give him one of the most popular first names in the world… Great, a herd of Thomases wanders freely. In addition, even their nickname will be the same, brilliant as a plan. No, but honestly, couldn’t you give him another first name from the start? You’re not making his life easier here.

5. In a few years, it will be outdated and you will find it ugly.

Look at the Kevins of 15 or more years ago, they’re laughing stock now. They are even obliged to live in cellars sheltered from light and crowds, on pain of being mocked by all the Pauls in the area. That’s not a life.

6. Just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it’s cool

We come back to Kevin, Kimberley and other Léa, who had their hour of glory, which must have lasted approximately 6 months. Now it’s less cool. Well tell yourself that in a few years, it will be the same thing for the Madeleines and the Chloé, everyone will make fun of them.

Top 10 reasons not to give a fashionable name to your child
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7. The first names, it’s still not that missing

It’s not as if we had a limited choice of first names in the world, there at the limit I could understand why we all persist in giving the same ones. But there, it’s not the case, there are millions of different first names in the world, so why do you lack so much originality?

8. Just because he’s called like the others doesn’t mean he’ll do better in life.

“Here, I’m going to call him Manu, he may be President of the Republic later”. Hmm. Allow me to doubt it. Just because you give him the first name of a successful guy doesn’t mean your kid will have the same fate. Look at the Josephs, they’re not all dictators in Russia.

9. That won’t make him a “normal” being

It’s not because he will have a “normal” first name of a “normal” kid that he won’t be a crazy little prick. The first name does not make the personality, it would be known eh.

10. At worst, let go on the second or third name

If you really want to give him a fashionable first name, you can always put it in his other Civil Status blazes. You, it will calm you down, and for him it won’t change much, since no one will ask him his other first names, except on the day of his Baccalaureate. That way everyone is happy.

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