Top 10 reasons food doesn’t taste the same on a plane

On the plane, everyone orders tomato juice. It’s systematic! It is not uncommon for there to even be out of stock. The cause is that, obviously, the latter does not have the same taste on the plane. But have you noticed that many foods tend not to taste the same on the plane? It’s scientifically proven. Yes Yes !

1. Altitude

Yes it’s stupid! At more than 10,000 meters, even in a pressurized cabin, the taste buds are a little picky. Airlines are well aware of this. To the point of testing all the menus in the air and not on the ground. So if you think the last meal tray you wolfed down was awful, tell yourself it would have been worse if you had eaten it off the floor.

Top 10 reasons food doesn't taste the same on a plane

2. Fatigue

We don’t always fly tired but we are often tired after several hours of flight. We are difficult with the first meal and then the second goes much better, for the simple and good reason that after 10 hours in the air, legs bent and back sore, any industrial thing will do and we have the annoying tendency to find everything tasteless.

4. Noise affects taste

It’s quite serious. A study conducted by Cornell University has shown that noise in planes, which we do not necessarily notice, changes our perception of taste. Especially when it comes to sweet foods. No cake will be really tasty on the planeā€¦ It’s sad.

5. The humidity level

In an airplane cabin, the air is very dry. Hello scoop. The consequence is that 30% of the aromas can be more difficult to detect and everything seems more bland. Oddly, this is also the reason why tomato juice doesn’t taste the same and seems better on the plane.

6. Jet lag

Long plane trips can be disruptive to the biological clock. Especially when you take off in the evening for example and the sun rises just a few hours after departure. This is usually when the flight staff asks us to close the blinds. To limit disruption. And it is also for this reason that food seems tasteless to us.

7. Too much sauce

Airline meals are prepared in advance, on the ground. When they are served to us, they are quite dry and often taste as much as a slice of polystyrene. These same companies therefore add a lot of sauce to drown the fish well. Or the meat.

Top 10 reasons food doesn't taste the same on a plane

9. Stress

A lot of people freak out on airplanes. Stress is bad when it comes to enjoying a good meal. It’s hard to properly appreciate a dish when you tell yourself that the flight is bound to go wrong. Especially if it’s already a terrible thing at the base.

Top 10 reasons food doesn't taste the same on a plane

10. Food quality

It’s quite silly. Yes, often the food used to concoct the meal trays is not only not very fresh but also of rather variable quality. The trick? Be armored and travel first class. There, we often serve dishes designed by great chefs and it is logically better.

Trick ! All curry dishes are to be preferred. Curry being one of the only foods that does not lose flavor on the plane.

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